Set distance already done when adding new shoe

When shoes are added to Strava (running) it is assumed they are new (0 distance, zero wear). I would like to set a starting distance, for example, when I know the shoes have already covered x km, where x has been tracked outside Strava.

This would help users of other apps migrate to Strava. It would help new users set up their equipment. Almost no-one starts running and starts using Strava at the same time!



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    There's an existing discussion on this topic found here

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  • Agree with this suggested feature. I was looking to transition to Strava from TrainingPeaks, and this was a simple feature I was surprised to see missing. I think I am just going to enter a silly one-time run for the base miles so the future tracking is accurate. 

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  • Agree !! Runkeeper have that since 2015

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  • Hard to believe that on 11/2/17 this is still an issue. Seems it is.

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