Ability to export Training log to Excel or delimited file

I like tracking my activity in Excel and producing graphs, etc.  Being able to export the training log to Excel or CSV file would be beneficial for my analysis.  At the very least offer a button that screen where you can print the log so I can enter the data into Excel. 

However, exporting the data would be awesome.....



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  • Would it be possible to add the description of an activity as an option? It would be nice as I am trying to download my strava data into a paper training log to hand to my coach.

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  • Hi Viraj, it used to be included in the list of activities API return, but Strava changed that. I guess it is still accessible via a per-activity detail view call, but this would require a call per activity instead of fetching up to 200 in one call as the list of activity provides, and hence greatly reduce performance. So sorry my answer is no.

    My modify activity feature displays the description of the modified activity, as it is returned by that api call, in case this helps you.

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