Add Indoor Cycling or Spinning as Activity Type

add activity indoor cycling or spinning or rpm

vote please




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  • We need spinning as an activity now that "Winter is comming"

  • Definitely should be feature.

  • We need spinning as an activity now that "Winter is there"

  • Maybe I'm not fully understanding the feature suggestion here? 

    Would a spinning activity type be different than a ride activity type? Right now, you can add a stationary cycling activity, or you can manually enter your ride data for an indoor spin session. 

    Is there something specific that would be helpful with a spinning activity that we don't currently offer? 


  • Elle, you are correct that spinning or other indoor cycling activities can be recorded or added in Strava in the normal manner (for example, with a Garmin device), and they will show up with the "Stationary Trainer" tag; but these activities automatically get classed as activity type "Workout". And there seems to be no way to change the activity type after the fact. If you change the "Activity Type" to, for example "Cycling" in the "Edit Activity" box, the activity type will revert back to "Workout" after you hit "Save & View Activity". So it would be nice if it was at least possible to change these activities to "Cycling".

  • Thank you for reacting Elle,

    I agree with Mark. That's the issue. It would be nice to have an activity type (in the pull down menu on the app and on the web) referring to Spinning as a cycling type.

    kind regards


  • Needs to be a feature.  Stationary comes up as an option when I load a ride with my Garmin but when I spin I'm just getting a reading from the Keiser computer.  That data is not recorded anywhere.  I need to be able to add Spin as an activity - I'd like to track my spinning time and distance separately from my "real" cycling.

  • Just noticed that if you add a manual ride entry, save it and then go to edit it, the stationary option appears in that screen.

  • That's true Randy,

    but the issue is: with an app or a garmin synchronizing with extra data (hartrate,cadans and power) the option isn't there in Strava when i edit the activity.

    So we need it there as an option

  • When I check my stats I don't want it to say I average 2 rides per week with zero miles, which is what it does when I make a manual entry and then edit it to say I was on a stationary trainer. I want my ride stats to just be my ride stats and not lump spin sessions in with them. So definitely Strava should have a Spinning category for Activity Type. After all they have a category for Elliptical and Stair Stepper, why not Spinning?

  • The only way I've been able to track a 90 minute workout on a spin bike (incl. heart rate) using the iPhone app is to change it when I get back to my laptop to, "workout." Then it is listed as a "workout" not cycling. the iPhone app should have a simple indoor spinning as activity that doesn't require GPS. With the amount of spin classes, seems like a no brainer, yes?

  • Spinning should definitely be a type of activity. What's more, it would be great if it would record your heart rate for the whole time. Even better if they teamed up with Flywheel or Peloton to include your power rankings.

  • "stationary trainer/ bike" is a checkbox option under the "ride" category but when I list all of my activities I'd like to be able to search for "spinning" the same way I'd like to be able to select for "rides" and "runs"

  • HI Elle,

    Thanks for your help with this..

    The issue - from my perspective - is that cycling and spinning are different activities and I'd like to be able to 'categorize' them differently and not just click 'stationary bike' under the cycling activity.

    I realize that how Strava sees the 'workout' initially may be as a workout - depending on where the data is coming from - but having the ability to distinguish between cycling and spinning means (as previously stated) my cycling stats won't be distorted by my spinning stats.

    I hope this clarifies why we all believe there's a need for a 'spinning' (indoor cycling, etc) activity.


  • The difference between a Stationary cycling activity and spinning is the flyweel (no distance). This affects Est. Moving Time and other statics.

  • Hello Strava. Spinning option as activity!!!
  • I would also like to see a spinning option as an activity with the ability to record the time and distance of the spin class.

  • guys, how things are up to date since the first comment on Oct 2014? Any update from Strava on this?

    I d like to resume the current situation with you, as I am gonna soon start doing Indoors. Thx!

  • @Strava: can you please implement 'Indoor cycling' function as a new feature?

    I'd like just to add indoor cycling workouts together with my cycling stats

    Or at least to be added and counted on my weekly total stats....,in this case separate from 'normal' cycling

  • URGE alguna manera para integrar SPINNING.  O bien, como mínimo al crear una entrada manual, poder elegir SPINNING y agregar la opción de calorias

  • we definitively need it, and it should be integrated with fitness & freshness..

  • This feature idea is two years old, and nothing is happening.

    The lack of spinning as an activity is irritating.


  • I totally agree with Stephan Sliver: This feature idea is two years old, and nothing is happening.

    The lack of spinning as an activity is irritating.How difficult can it be to add this as an activity? 

    I hope all followers will react the same way as I just did, maybe it will help

  • The people have spoken: Time to add a "stationary trainer" / "spinning" as a legit category.  The "ride category" should be used for cycling activity with a spatial component; the requested category is its own category with a different set of data categories.  

  • +1

  • Yes we need indoor Spinning to be added. Monday to Friday I do a 90 minutes spinning class every mid week day, as don't get time to hit the roads after work.

  • +1

  • It would be nice to be able to record HR like normal and then be able to manually enter time and distance. My current workaround is to record my HR through Wahoo's activity app, importing it into Strava, and then adding a manual workout activity in Strava for Time and distance under another activity. This results in two activities with the HR in one and the time and distance. 

  • +1

    Winter is here, we need Spinning to be added. Otherwise I don't see why should I keep the Premium during the winter.

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