Add Indoor Cycling or Spinning as Activity Type

add activity indoor cycling or spinning or rpm

vote please




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  • I feel that it is app need something to help me when I train at home or in the gym

  • Agreed, spinning should be added.

    Anyone from Strava reading this?

  • I would also need this feature. If I record the indoor cycling activity it would be nice to have this as separate activity before I start on the apple watch 2 with the record.  For this activity I don't need GPS or auto-pause.

  • Strava is a great application for bikers.  Spinning is a common off season activity that many bikers do during the winter months when there is salt and snow on the roads.  It would really be nice to have a drop down activity for spinning where you enter the length of class you do. 

  • Has there been any movement on possibly adding a spinning option ?

  • This seems to have been an issue for customers since 2010. Its 2017 and i cant transfer heart rate or distance from garmin connect to strava. Is it possible strava doesnt have access to the code for this component?

  • Spinning guys.

  • I just went out for a spinning session. :-)

    Any update on this feature request? How do I enter a spinning activity manually the proper way or how do I record it with the Strava app or preferably with a Garmin device (in my case Garmin Connect pushes activities to Strava)?



  • Has anyone from Strava even commented on this 7-year old request? I'd also add a request to be able to describe the equipment, rather than just lump everything under "indoor trainer."

    There's a LOT of difference between putting my own road bike into a fluid or magnetic trainer vs. riding a spin flywheel machine! I can add a device and call it a Trainer, but I have to CLASSIFY it as a Road, Tri, Cross, or Mtn bike. Those four types have lots more in common with each other than with a graduated resistance flywheel trainer that weighs 150 pounds but where the weight of the device is irrelevant.

  • Spinning option please ! 

  • Have there been any new developments on this? I go spinning 2-3 times a week and think this would be a great new feature for Strava.

  • A spinning app as per the Wahoo app would be a great way to consolidate the cycling data


  • A spinning app as per the Wahoo app would be a great way to consolidate the cycling data


  • I've been using the MotiFIT iPhone app and Apple Watch for HR tracking. The app isn't the best (connection from the watch to the phone constantly seems to drop in live tracking, although the actual data appears to be tracking ok after the session), but they have added automatic uploads to Strava. It's basic, but at least that effort in spin/static sessions is recorded and added.

    Come on Strava! Third parties are managing to do it and making you look a bit silly. We all simply want one place to record all of our data, and if you'd like us to carry on paying our premium memberships, you really need to offer what the free apps are doing at the very least!

    Seeing as our cries have been ignored for 7+ years, has anyone else had any success with iPhone + Apple Watch apps, importing (manually or automatically) to Strava? I used Nike+ and a messy import hack for a while, but quickly got fed up with that.

  • Me too, please add spinning as activity.

  • Fully agree ; monitoring spinning HR by time is a must if you do interval training. Those nice HR curves are very useful to study zones for the intervals.

  • The lack of spin class makes me use other apps and relgates STRAVA to second tier for total fitness overview.  You would think they would defend their territory.

  • Putting in my name as well as someone who would like to see this as an option!

  • +1

    Thx Strava

  • I'm even more irritated. I just paid for "pro," mostly because I'm cross training on swimming, riding, running, kayaking, SUPing, hiking, and rollerblading. Sometimes I do a stationary workout, elliptical, treadmill, or indoor bike (spinning). I use several other programs, including the highly versatile, but basic-feature Wahoo fitness app and ridewithgps. Everyone is missing something! It's irritating!

    Strava could be an industry leader by including all the various modes. I'm beginning to think they laid off their programming staff a few years ago...

  • Strava, the courtesy of a response would be appreciated.

  • Hi
    Very simple Elle. Record heart rate against time instead of distance. Do indoor interval training f.i.

  • Seriously, the community has been waiting for almost 3 years now ? Is anybody from Strava actually reading this forum ?

    Talk to me about devops and contunuous improvement... No way I'll use strava until this is implemented.

  • And into the New Year without Strava doing anything about this!  Come on Strava - this is such an obvious thing to implement.  I've been a premium member for a very long time, hoping to support development, but I'm finding that Strava's pretty poor as a general training log.  Time to stop premium membership and look elsewhere.

  • Yes

  • Maybe Strava could post the results much like Cyclebar or Soul Cycle records the data? If the bike you are using is a Watt bike I don't see why not.


  • still no spin!?? I’m a new Strava user and was surprised to see there isn’t a indoor cycling choice.

  • +1

  • +1

  • Need a simple way to upload Spin class data ( increasingly being called indoor cycling with some sophisticated gym bikes - we use a Lice Fitness IC7 at my local gym - although I guess there are real bikes used indoors too!). Not convinced by Strava App for Apple Watch - two options ‘Indoor Ride’ and ‘Workout’. The data collected in former will upload to Strava - gives basic info, including HR, but wrongly classifies as a Ride and adds my default roadbike.

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