Additional Info for Group Events

Please consider adding additional information boxes/dropdowns for Group Events such as: Challenging/Easy, Distance of route, Terrain type, Expected duration, Best suited cycle type, any restrictions (age, club members only), whether there is a cafe stop... Many thanks



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  • Additional Event Types:

     Road Time Trial
     Mountain Bike
     Single speed/Fixed gear
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  • Additional Pacing Types--Check all that apply

    Road Rides
     9+ mph on 5% grades
     7 - 9 mph on 5% grades
     5 - 7 mph on 5% grades
     <5 mph on 5% grades
     20+ mph on flats
     17 - 20 mph on flats
     14 - 17 mph on flats
     12 - 14 mph on flats
     10 - 12 mph on flats
     < 10 mph on flats
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  • Regrouping
    Check all that apply to this group
     Few or no regroups
     Some regroups, but groups don't wait for everybody
     Some regroups, wait for riders
     Frequent regroups, wait for riders
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  • Off road technical difficulty
     Smooth singletrack, fire road, not a lot of obstacles
     Steep, rutted fire road; singletrack with extended sections that can include medium or large rocks and roots; stream crossings; exposure; long single track descents
     Singletrack with very steep and/or rocky sections; narrow trails; exposed side slopes; downhill-side-sloped sections
     Singletrack with extended steep climbs or descents over rough terrain; many tight switchbacks and turns. Portions may require portage
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  • Also have multiple routes, and multiple starting points. Our fastest cyclists may start at a different location and ride a longer route than our slowest cyclists. This way, you can have a group event with cyclists of different abilities. We should also have 'Show and Decide' rides where whoever shows up at a standard starting point and time decides the route, pacing, regrouping, etc

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  • Starting Points

    Be able to put in addresses, or GPS coordinates

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  • I agree
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  • Multi-day multi-route and trophy support would be awesome.  We would like to have a 2 day, date specific event with 5 of our mountain bike trails. It would be great if a Strava group event would track the participants and give a virtual trophy for those that complete the challenge within the given dates. 

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