Heat Maps for all activity types

I would like to see a heatmap for all of my activity types, as I find this data equally interesting across all sports.

A "total heatmap" - ie one heatmap that shows all activities regardless of type - would also be fascinating.



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  • Totally agree. I'm a keen skier, and travel with skiing. Would be nice to map it out.

  • The Strava heatmap is very nice. Why limit it just for cycling and running? It would be really nice to see my backcountry skiing routes in the total heatmap.

  • I am also disappointed the heat map only shows running and cycling.  Every time I get a Strava Premium trial I first check the heatmap to see if it has been improved.  Still not.  As I don't use heart/power meter there is no reason for Premium, but a much better heatmap would be a compelling reason.

    It would be great if each activity type could have a user color map assigned and a heatmap could show all user selected activities on the map.

    In the interim, I have been slowing changing all my 'walking', 'hiking', etc. activities to 'running' so they show up on the running heatmap - is there any downside to doing this?

  • Also agree - I would like to see a "total heatmap" as well.  I would like to see the total area covered while hiking/biking/running/skiing in the mountains! 

  • Same with me.  I actually started changing some of my Hikes to Runs to see them, hah!  Honestly though, my old hiking paces in steep mountains are called "running" anyways now by many people so I'm not sure what's the difference :)

  • Strong +1.

  • I've just tracked a few days skiing - would be great to see the aggregation of all the runs I did.  Do Strava ever respond to these comments?

  • This is an useful alternative: http://www.jonathanokeeffe.com/strava/map.php

  • Yes, please!

  • I agree - total heatmap is great idea - come Strava how hard can it be - premium users need premium service - make it just happen 

  • I agree with this features. If I want ride with racing bike I don't want see path for MTB!

    Also If I go with MTB probably I would't evaluate hiking activities

  • Wait, this request was first submitted in 2015?  Guess I wont hold my breath, but it sure would be useful.

  • I would also very much like a total heat map and heat maps for specific activities like skiing and kayaking. Thanks.

  • I'm guessing that Strava don't see this as a priority, which is a shame. I'd really like to separate hiking from running, and mountain biking from road biking, but, at present, all I get are the 2 categories, bike and run. 

  • Yes, I agree! The global heat map includes water and snow activities. Why can't we include this in our personal heat maps too? 

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