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Hi, I'm Matt, an engineer on the Android team here at Strava. We love having users test out our new features before they're released to the full set of Strava users - it makes the product better for all.  If you want to try out what we're working on before the public release, and don't mind the occasional bug or not-quite-there-yet feature, we'd love to have you on our Beta track.

We're running our Beta program through Google Play. Your regular Strava app will update more frequently, especially as we're approaching a public release.

To sign up for the Beta program:

Please send feedback on the betas to If you are a Beta user and contact support, please let them know that you're in the Beta program.




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  • Will you post some sort of "releasenotes" for the betas in the Google Group, so we know what to look for and give feedback on?

  • We will be using the "What's new in this release" on Google Play to communicate changes.

  • I'll throw my hat in on being a Beta tester.  Love me some beta programs!

  • I came across which piqued my interest - if you could do ANT/ANT+ support for the iphone 2 years ago, why can't you do it for Android today?

  • Well said James. I have read many comments concerning the lack of support for Ant+for android. To my knowledge far more people utilize the android platform than apple. Why not give the people what they want instead of forcing android users to use your service in a round about manner?
  • Is there a way for us to make feature requests for Strava on android, I would love to see a lock screen widget so I can just hit the power button and see basic stats without having to unlock the phone.

  • Please subscribe to this post for a discussion on ANT+ support on the Android platform:

    Thanks for your feedback! 

    @Chris - perhaps you are looking to add your vote to this feature suggestion?

    You can also add any feature suggestions you'd like in our section for this:

  • Hi Elle,

    How do we know that we're receiving the beta versions? I've opt in as per the instructions but don't seem to get updates any more regularly.


    Currently on version 4.1.7

  • Patrick,

    4.1.7 is a bugrelease beta for us.

  • I just joined & I'm so eager to try the 4.4 update, specifically the one for direct upload of photos.

  • I've just received an update to the beta, but I have not received an email with details of the changes to test. Are these details available anywhere?

  • Nick - this is the second report I've heard about people not receiving the email, I'll check out why.

    The email's body was:

    Subject line: Help Test Strava’s Latest Feature


    Greetings Beta Group Athletes,


    For the past few months we have been working on a revamped experience for recording rides and runs. Phase one of this new experience is almost complete, but we would like to test this version with athletes like you in order to collect feedback before releasing globally.


    Next steps

    Since you are already opted-in to the beta group, a new version of the Strava Android app will become available to you very soon. We ask that you please take the new version of the app for a run or ride and then fill out this form with your feedback.


    Some things to note:

    • This is not a final version and the team is still continuing development

    • The new experience is a departure from today’s version in terms of look and feel; be prepared for some initial bumps

    • There is a new setting that allows you to keep your phone screen on persistently; this is ideal for cyclists who mount their phone on their handlebars or runners who want to run without the screen locking


    We are working on ANT+ support for phones that have ANT+ built-in, which we hope to release to the public in the next few weeks after some testing.


    Thanks very much for your time and interest in Strava.


  • Ah, glad I Googled and found this page. I too have never received any emails about the beta releases and I wanted to find out how to submit feedback. I'll do that at the form you linked to now, but if you could look into why I don't get the mails then great.

  • How can I see if I'm running the beta app? Is there any visual notification?

  • @Bernard: The 'launch screen' of the application is different. STRAVA written on an orange background, not the photo of two cyclists on a mountain.

    And more importantly of course, the 'Recording' screen interface is different when you're doing an activity. You will notice the difference right away.

  • I'm still not receiving emails about the beta updates. I've had three or four updates recently but no information about the changes.

  • Same here.

    Several updates with no e-mails......Explanation please :-)

  • We don't currently email out for every update, we usually use the "What's New" section to communicate the major changes in the beta.

  • Any word when ANT+ will be available to test? Had the beta for a while now but not seen any mention of support.
  • Is this method of reporting issues still valid?

  • Hans -  yes, emailing is still the best method of giving feedback on our beta program!

  • I notice the latest release notes say "Adding Garmin compatibility to beacon" . I can't see any way to activate this. How does it work?

  • What would I have to do to stop using the beta app in Android 7.0?

  • Borja - to stop using the beta, visit, and opt out of the beta program. If you're currently on a beta build, you'll have to uninstall and reinstall to downgrade immediately. The other option (after opting out at the above link) is to just wait for a new production release to replace your beta release!

  • I never see any relevant features releases in the what's new in the app. It would help if we were able to know what were beta testing .

    All I get in the what's new is...

    Thank you for helping test Strava! Send beta feedback to Support requests cannot be handled though this email address. Please visit for general questions.



  • Agreed Andy. How are we supposed to provide positive feedback if we can't test the changes?!

  • I accidentally found out that the beta release I updated to yesterday fixed a long standing bug that prevented Strava launching using my old android wear watch. Would have been nice to have known as part of some release notes !

  • Keeping release notes some where for the android app beta releases (and major releases) would be great, there is absolutely nothing on Google Play currently. 

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