Tags to Separate Skate vs Classic Nordic Skiing

Designate a separate activity tag for Classic skiing versus Skate skiing. 




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  • I guess this should be available for Rollerskis as well...

  • Great idea.  CRs/KoMs for nordic/skate/classic would be a very welcome addition also.

  • Can't search for Nordic ski segments.... only cycling/running..?

  • This would be very helpful!!

  • But also make them separate categories like running and cycling so that folks that track those items as well as they can w/ running and riding.

  • Better search options for segments (explore, segments search), division of classic and skate, bug fix on achievements not appearing after a skitrip, PRs and KOMs/CRs list, and part of training calendar would be a great Christmas present for all the nordic skiers out there!

  • I really miss the seach options for skiing. Seperating classic and skating is also a good idea. Does anyone from the STRAVA-team read this? I guess it should't be difficult to do these improvements?

  • I agree with Anders and Fredrik--separating nordic into two categories is good, but what would be even better is being able to easily search for skiing segments and compare with friends! Features like KOM and PRs would be really motivating for my winter sport of choice as well. It doesn't seem like it should be that hard to add this basic functionality for an activity that has a lot of passion behind it. I know many nordic skiers use Strava for cycling and running in the summer, and would love to keep using the service in the same way once ski season rolls (glides?) around. How can we get on the radar of the Strava team? I'd love a response on where this request stands!
  • I agree.  As we start to see/explore/record segments, there is a HUGE difference in timing.  Thanks!

  • Good idea. It would also be good to have more options for the other activity types. I realize you are focused on cycling and running. I would like to be able to see the total distances I have skied each week or month. I am tempted just to put in skis as runs but this seems kind of daft. Would it be possible to let us set challenges for skiing like there are for running and cycling. Great app and website, here's hoping you can make it even better!
  • I was just thinking that we need nordic ski challenges!  Great idea Johnny.

  • Judging by previous comments, I'm not the only one wishing there was a specific activity option for xc-skiing, ie skating, classical and maybe roller skiing too and with all the bells and whistles as well.

  • Yes to all of the above!!!

  • I also add my vote for all of the above!

  • Adding my vote! lumping skate and classic times into "Nordic skiing" doesn't do the sport justice.

  • Please also add statistics to nordic skiing so that we can compare distance skied from month to month, year to year.

  • Maybe Strava could partner with the big ski resorts.  Mammoth Mountain has created its own app where I track my ski runs.  It would be nicer to have all this sports data in one app.  We also ride and run in Mammoth during the summer.  Lets get the winter sports in the mix.

  • I add my vote for nordic skiing as well, split skate / classic count CR/KOM's  Mileage etc for nordic Please! i know that the strava community in Ottawa Canada wants it!! 


    Thanks Strava! 

  • 1. Why isn't the "Suffer score" and the HR zone analysis available for any other activity than cycling and running?

    2. Why is everything I upload automatically considered to be cycling or running? This has the weird effect that most cycling segments in our woods have a KOM set in January or February - set by people on XC skis! Because people never get the opportunity to choose what kind of activity they did. They can edit it afterwards, but the problem is that people are lazy and most people don't edit at all...

    3. The other problem is that a whole bunch of new cycling segments are automagically created every time I upload a skiing trip. Because they are created before I get the opportunity to choose activity type....

    Fix it, please!

    Yes, I'm a premium member, so I can demand it ;)

  • looks like CRs exist for nordic skiing now!

  • It's step in the right direction I guess. Still not helpful if you can't differentiate between skate and classic. Can anyone from Strava comment if this is even on the radar?

  • As soon as you good people can add full functionality for other sports I will gladly pay the annual subscription... Is that incentive for you?
  • Apparently the achievements only show up if you set the activity to "Private" and then back to "Public". So it might have been like this for a while!

    Weird bug - but it should be fairly easy to fix. Let's guess half a code line...

  • That is strange. It works however.

  • Definitely need to separate skate from classic categories of Nordic.  Very, very much needed feature.

  • Separating the techniques doesn't make sense to me, as most trips I use both. In that sense "free" would be a better designator than "skate".

  • I also swap between classic and skate on the same day and just leave my gps running. It would be a pain to start a new workout on my gps for different skis.  

    I've actually posted some faster climb times on my classics for longer climbs  (over 2mins).  

  • Silly to not want the feature request because you don't turn off or "lap" your GPS when doing both Nordic classic or skate. Put the distinction in and those that don't care to record skate or classic can do what they do now... Don't distinguish. I'd also like to see segment KOM/QOM and as I can skate sub 5min miles I can only classic as fast as I run (7.5min miles). Over an hour long ski... This is quite a difference and I'd like to measure my improvements in each style. Would like to be able to choose a summary of how many KMs I've skied in each style to track standard racing distances like 5K, 10k, 30k (similar to running). Thanks!
  • I agree with Lisa. Skate and classic are apples and oranges.  If they were split, you could still lump your times together if that is what you wanted to do. For those of us that want that extra layer of data on skate vs classic training, it is currently not available.

  • Ditto that, good point Lisa

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