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  • @Liam B, if you set the Do Not Disturb option on through the first glance (the moon icon button) then you will not receive notifications while "Strava-ing".  However, this defeats any notification while using the App, so you will want to turn this off when done your activity,

  • Hi Greg.
    Thanks for sharing that.
    I'll try that tomorrow! :)
  • I used app quite successfully until the new Strava update recently. Now my long rides appear as a straight line or 0km. In other words, it doesn't record my rides. I can upload them manually of course, but Strava doesn't allow you to update courses or elevation, so a little peeved that my rides aren't being recorded accurately. Either add more functionality to the manual uploads, or fix the Apple Watch app. I haven't read through all the comments, but I know I'm not the only one experiencing this. Please advise on what to do... Thanks!

  • Does anyone have any top tips on how to get data to populate once and only once from strava to the apple health app (from either the phone or watch) ?

    Or should we just cross our fingers that this has been ironed out for the imminent wOS2/iOS9 updates?
  • I use Strava mostly to record my personal commute rides. When using the Watch app to stop and save the ride, it defaults to public without a setting to change the default behavior to private. It would be nice to add a private-by-default option in the phone app so I don't have to take out the phone to stop a private-by-intent ride.

  • Heart rate viewing on Apple Watch essential in real time when I ride.....

  • Wish list:

    1. HR

    2. choices for screen display. i want to see average overall pace AND current pace. i do not care about overall time.

  • Now that watchOS 2 has been officially released, are there any plans for updating Strava's app to support the watch's heart rate sensor?

    If I understand correctly, up until now it was not possible for 3rd party apps to access the heart rate sensor, so Strava gets the heart rate data from the Health app on the iPhone. And the Health app gets the data from the watch, but only if you run the watch's Workout app. So if you only run Strava's app, it doesn't have heart rate data (unless you use a separate heart rate monitor, like a chest strap).

    But now it should be possible for Strava to access the sensor directly, so it could display the heart rate on its own, and we wouldn't have to run the Workout app anymore, right?


  • Now that WatchOS 2 is officially out, will we be seeing an update to the Strava app anytime soon to take advantage of upgrade?

    I was expecting it would have been released around the time then new OS was released which was yesterday.

  • So I updated to the new watch software yesterday and I was expecting it to sync the Heartrate Monitor as this is mentioned in Apples report that Strava will have full use, as the software was suppose to be out lastweek I thought an Update from Strava would be out when the watch OS was ready, but in fact my watch has lost the strava app completely! I hope further update from Strava will resolve all these matters! :) looking forward to it!
  • 1.) Watch OS2, check.

    2.) Strava updated app bringing heart rate monitor functionality to the Apple watch and Strava......

  • Hello - I would like to add my voice to those hoping to get a native WatchOS app that uses the watch's built-in HR monitor (and is hopefully faster to load, and remains open whenever I check the watch while riding).  Right now, as I'm sure you know, it is still quite a bit faster to just take out the phone, launch strava, start a ride and put the phone away than it is to use the watch app....

    Thank you!

  • Sam VanDerlip,

    Before you use your app on your watch you can change your watch settings to open last app when you raise your wrist... this will display your current progress during your ride... Although again it is quite slow to catch up the the progress...I agree that the app on the phone overall is really slow, But heres hoping #Strava have an update out soon.

    Settings>>General>>Wake Screen>>Resume to Previous Activity.... :)


    A short term solution hopefully. :)



  • I updated to watchOS 2 the other day ago and now the Strava app doesn't work at all on my Apple Watch. Any time I open the app on the watch it just shows a small picture of an iPhone and says "unlock iPhone to use app" regardless of whether the phone is locked or not, and then crashes out after a couple seconds...
  • Regarding the HR functionality of the Apple Watch:


    We will be releasing a Watch OS 2 Strava app in the fall which will include the ability to use the heart rate monitor from the watch. If you would like an early look we will be starting a beta program, most likely in October.

    If you're interested in becoming a beta tester for that version of the app, please fill out the form linked to below.



  • Ron Beaubien,

    When I updated to OS2 I lost the strava App from my watch completly, I just did a hard re-set on the watch by resetting the factory settings on the Watch. Hope that helps. :)



  • I really like your app, and have paid for membership. You can imagine how disappointed I am that your app isn't ready to go yet, when the developers have had access to watchOS 2 for some time already. There's other fitness apps out there right now that run on the watch natively, and read the pulse rate from it. Please consider your customers and release it soon.


  • Thanks David and Elle.  To be fair, it seems like there are no non-Apple apps that install on the Watch at the moment...and still very few that make use of complications....

  • FYI - It looks like your competition is now offering support for HRM with Apple Watch.

    Total bummer that this functionality is not even available in beta from Strava yet.

    Perhaps Elle or Jeremy could offer an explanation for the significant delays. My guess is that there is not enough demand from the broader Strava user-community (despite the appearance this thread gives) for Apple Watch support given existing priorities and featre roadmap.

    Any insights would be appreciated.

  • Just FYI -  while the Runtastic Apple Watch app is indeed able to capture HR data from the device, it is still incredibly buggy e.g. prone to not responding to ending a workout. I for one would like Strava to test their WatchOS2 version properly instead of rushing another broken app to the store. Pretty sure they are hard at work on it.

  • Yes, to echo Jørn, the Runtastic Pro WatchOS 2 app is a complete mess and totally unusable.

    I hope Strava takes the time to get it right, because it is pretty obvious Runtastic didn't test theirs thoroughly.


  • I tried the Runtastic Pro app yesterday so I can import apple HR data into Strava (I do have a BLE chest Strap) but I dont like using it and is part reason I got the apple watch. Did a test walk at lunch time, "Success" but after a few stops and starts on the ride home I discovered what many already know. Its buggy as hell and generally doesnt work. in fact it also seemed to cause a problem with the native watch app which kept ending rides for no reason. Deleted it and will wait for the Strava update. My initial frustration that Strava was not ready day one has been replaced with comfort that it should be a better app with greater development (current watch app is very basic). Runtastic was a waste of £4 and one less large Caramel Lattefor me this week :)


    Got my heart racing a bit seeing a new Strava version in the App store - ended up being rather underwhelmed... :-/

    New in v4.6
    Photo History: View all of your activity photos from the profile page.

  • I wish I could use the Strave Apple Watch app without carrying my big 6+ on runs; the phone isn't a worry on a bike ride! The haptic sensor is pretty close to my Suunto and Garmin GPS watches.

    Give me the estimated distance and HR and estimated calories is enough. Don't need the map every run. 

    Looking fwd to the Fall update!

  • Completely agree with Bill Hague .. especially given the size of phones these days.  I personally hate carrying my phone on runs.  Lately, I have been using just the AW workout app .. but it has its limitations.

    Unfortunately, I don't think developers view this as something users want.  I have been asking around to developers of other running apps, and none seem to have plans to allow you to run without the phone while still recording distance, pace, cadence and HR (all things that you can do using the accelerometer and HR sensor on the AW).

    I could be wrong, but I doubt that is on the development road map for Strava either.

  • So, I'm confused... on one hand it's pretty clear that Strava are only just in the development stages of producing a WatchOS 2 native app, but on the other hand if you visit and scroll down, down and down to the "Have a favorite workout app?" section, it lists the Strava app and says "Track your heart rate using data from the Apple Watch heart rate sensor.".  Surely that's a WatchOS 2 function, as AFAIK the original OS didn't allow 3rd party apps to access things like the HRM?  Or does the existing Strava app do this?  I've not yet got my Apple watch (I'm holding out to see how good the WatchOS 2 native app like Strava turn out) so I can't check for myself.

  • @Neil: No, the current Strava app for WatchOS2 does not yet support those features - we're all patiently waiting for them to release the app as promised. Seems most of the other iOS fitness apps are late to the party as well, I'm personally interested to see what Runmeter and iSmoothRun will deliver. Public Facebook comment from the developer of the latter is a bit discouraging though: "I expect to push it mid October. But I am a bit disappointed by watch OS2. It doesn't deliver.."

  • @Jørn  Thanks, that's what I thought.  There's clearly been a breakdown in communication between Strava and Apple if Apple are showcasing the Strava app as already including watchOS 2 functionality when it doesn't.  I guess someone at Strava told Apple the new app was going to be ready but then forgot to let then know when slipped.

  • Just bought an Apple Watch and Am trying to get it up to speed with my old watch (garmin forerunner 220). Strava is my favorite watch app for RUNNING so far. It shows the time, instantaneous speed, and distance all on one face (Apple workout does not). My complaints- strava needs to integrate and show HR data. Strava needs to show cadence. Question- does strava use the accelerometer to supplement the GPS location services (like apple workout)? I'd like the ability to customize the displayed data fields on the watch (as one can do on the garmin forerunner 220).

    Thanks for any action/feedback!
  • We're excited to announce that we will be launching a new beta for Watch OS2 next week. This beta includes native heart rate functionality. 

    If you use Strava for Apple Watch heavily and you consider yourself tech savvy, motivated, and are willing to help work through and test possible issues, please fill out this form to be considered. The beta will be available via TestFlight to those who are selected. 

    Before participating in the beta, please make sure your Watch has been updated to Watch OS2 by opening the Watch app on your iPhone, selecting General, and then Software Update. It should say "Watch OS2."

    Please know that this is a big commitment. If you’re motivated to get the newest version of Strava with heart rate for Apple Watch before the general public and are willing to go through the ~2 hour process of updating your iPhone, Apple Watch, and reinstalling the Strava app, as well as dealing with possible issues such as crashes, etc, please fill out the form above to be considered. 


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