Short review Strava 4.5 live

Review Strava 4.5 Live


After several years cycled with runtastic road bike with Strava at the background, i was verry happy that strava Strava 4.5 came out. The base is good, yet I have a number of points I would like to give.


-          Average speed is not on the screen. This is of course a great loss. Every cyclist wants to know what his current average is. Now you can only see him when you press pause key. Cannot be the intention.

-          When you follow a route you have no view on your speed and so on. Maybe an idea for a split-screen.Now you have to swithc between the screen, verry unhandy. It may be technically possible to have some sort of overlay on the route screen.

-          Compared to other bicycle programs I find the missing of current altitude and rate of increase very sorry.

-          The settings are not available when you are cycling. Now you have to pause to change things.

-          When following the route it would be convenient if you could choose to have your driving direction in image instead of the North.

All in all, I find it a huge boost. The screen is easy-to-read and the always on function works great in combination with the dimmer. The data is quite large. A bit smaller give a lot more space for other functions and data. Batterylife looks ok. Just as with runtastic roadbike app the consuming is 1% a kilometer. With screen on and an avs of 32-34. 3-4 hours.


Keep up the good work!!!.


Greetings from the Netherlands.





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