Feedback for Strava's new maps (OpenStreetMap)

See About our Maps for more info.

Strava has recently switched to maps powered by OpenStreetMap, which we understand is a significant change.

Strava is actively working with Mapbox (the open source mapping platform that supplies us with OpenStreetMap) to make sure we offer the best mapping experience for our athletes.

Mapbox gives us the opportunity to create customized maps that fit aesthetically and functionally with Strava. With open source data, errors or missing map assets can be fixed quickly and efficiently, creating the most detailed and robust maps for cycling and running. We believe in the potential and power of maps by OSM and we're focused on giving the Strava community the best experience possible. 

Where did Street View go?

Mapbox does not provide Street View functionality at this time. We realize this functionality was valuable for some athletes; we'll do our best to re-incorporate it when possible.

August 14th, 2015:

We’re 100% committed to making Strava better for our athletes, and we hear you loud and clear regarding this switch from Google Maps to OSM. We didn’t anticipate how strongly some of our athletes would react to the change and apologize that it was a sudden disappointment to some of you. We could have done a better job explaining our reasoning and bracing you for the switch, handling the roll-out, taking more time to work with Mapbox, etc.


It may not seem like it now, but we believe deeply that changing to OSM is the best choice we can make for our athletes and our company. There is enormous potential and creative flexibility offered by the new maps and we ask that you stick with us and continue providing feedback as we bring that potential to fruition.


Your reports on the quality of the maps, such as missing map data and satellite image quality, can be addressed. We are working closely Mapbox, our OSM map provider, on both satellite imagery and road data and we’re invested in improving your experience. By providing specific examples of satellite and road data, we can act quickly to update the map data.


We've noted all your comments regarding street view, and understand how important it is to you. The top use for street view seems to center around segments, in viewing segment start and end coordinates as well as viewing the road surface and surroundings. Street view is still available when creating segments, and it may be possible to return street view to other areas of the segment experience. We will have more to share on this soon.


Our designers are compiling initial thoughts on how Strava can leverage certain styles, colors and shading to customize the map experience. We are already incorporating the existing feedback we’ve received here. Please continue to send us your feedback on how the look and feel of the maps can be improved.

- The Strava Team


August 21st, 2015:

When you visit a segment page, you can now click either endpoint of the segment to be brought to the street view for that location. Or, you can select one of the options from the map view menu (pictured below). 

This addition is not meant to fully resolve your concerns about the switch to Mapbox. We're doing the best we can to respond to your feedback quickly while still maintaining our commitment to elevate your map experience with Mapbox. It's going to take time and we ask that you stick with us, and we'll continue to take your feedback to heart and iterate whenever possible. 



September 2nd, 2015

We've just updated our maps to support four languages: English, French, German and Spanish. Now, if you're traveling or viewing the map in another country, you'll be able to see map labels and place names in your language. 

How it works: If you have Strava set to one of the above four languages, you will see map labels in that language. For any other language that is not supported at this time, you will see the default map which displays regional language. To change your language preferences, use the menu at the bottom of any Strava page.

This map update also refreshes imagery for the Satellite map in select areas. 


October 22nd, 2015

We're excited to announce updated maps in collaboration with Mapbox, featuring an intuitive display of map data and activity-specific styling. Designed especially with runners and cyclists in mind, we focused on a visual experience that would relay the map information we believe most helpful to our athletes: 

  • Offset road labels for better visibility along activities
  • Visually distinct running and cycling paths
  • Highlighted pedestrian areas, outdoor areas, and parks
  • Vivid terrain styling and high-contrast mountain areas
  • Lower map label density for urban areas
  • Major highways and high-traffic roads de-prioritized in grey
  • Added points of interest most relevant to activity on Strava
  • Contour lines and elevation labels on satellite view

This is the first of several map projects we are working on as part of our ongoing goal to make your mapping experience on Strava more accurate, informative and rich. 





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  • I'm going to be honest: I hadn't noticed the change.  On the plus side, the new maps have my street, which the old ones didn't, so my privacy zone is that little bit more accurate

  • Please - let people make his  choice - set possibility to use both maps - google or OSM.
    In the place Im living (czech republic) there is many times better quality of Google maps than OSM. 

    For me this can be the reason to end of using strava premium...

  • Hi,

    In place I live (Czech republic) - there ase Google maps much time better than OSM.

    Please, stay maps in dual mode Google and OSM - and let people make choice.


  • very irritating change. please change it back or i will have to consider my premium account. 

  • Ok, after weeks thinking about this, and, MAINLY, based on the posture Strava is taking in front of this matter, I decided to cancel my Premium subscription.

    Sorry guys, but I was paying the fee just to support your business, the premium features don't look an advantage for me. The way this is being handled, from a customer support point of view, is ridiculous.

    I'd better start using Garmin Connect website more often. This change made me look at their website with other eyes and I have to say that they improved a lot on the last few years. See ya!

  • I like the new maps.

    The new maps show the trails in all the conservation areas around me.  Google does not show any of those trails.

    The new maps have better and easier to read Topo lines.

  • Were OSM base maps already available on Strava via StavastiX ? From what I understand the developer has now taken them away ... But basically anyone who wanted OSM maps already had access to them (for free).....

  • might help - make sure to tick the box to show all segments though!

  • Last time I checked Elle, Strava didn't advertise itself as a crowd-sourcing community. Please don't insult us by treating us like one. Replacing a well-working product with a poor version, and asking us to fix it, whilst continuing to pay for the privilege, must rank as one of the all-time worst ways to alienate your user base. Not acknowledging the elephant in the room (i.e. the real reasons for the change, money) is just losing you more and more credibility and, by the looks of it, paying customers too.

    I've said it before and I've said it again: All of us here LOVE Strava. We care. That's why we're here posting on this forum. We want to help you make a better Strava, but disengaging from us isn't the way to do it. Why not accept that there must be a better way to do things, reverse the changes, talk to us, and help us to help you make the cost savings whilst also finding a happy compromise. We're here for you Elle, please stop pushing us away.

  • I just noticed 

    Segment Explore 

    has Google Maps.  Maybe this helps some people.

  • iPad functionality is still not working. You can zoom in by double tapping or using the +/- buttons but finger gestures don't work for zooming in or out.

    Looked at a friends ride today at a vacation resort and wanted to see a street view of where he was staying. Had to open up a google maps window and find the location. Quite awkward and something I do on a fairly regular basis.

    I now have all of my rides automatically uploaded to Garmin and from there they go to Strava and Ridewithgps. Ridewithgps lets you select between half a dozen different map view including google maps.

    Final comment on open source maps: Google maps are also, to a large extent, based on user contributions. When a new highway opened up recently it was individual users who provided the updated map info including bike lane access. I contributed over 100 edits in one small area and there is a large community of users who are constantly updating and contributing new information to Google maps.

  • I understand that many would like to get better satelite images and street view. And I also think street view and satelite images are nice to have, but a decent standard map is still quite funamental and more important if you ask me. And for all off-road sports people OSM is a HUGE step in the right direction. To give you some examples I took a screenshot of the google view on my android phone and a mapbox osm screenshot from my desktop:


    MapBox OSM:

    Notice that on the OSM map, you can see trail, terrain information like wet areas, more precise information about where the forrest starts and ends. On the Google map... well at least you see the lake.


    So while some of you have lost some bells and whistles, a lot of users actually got maps that actually show something more than a blank space. So while some of you are stopping to pay for premium, this move may actually get som off-road:ers to start paying.


    Open club for open bikers.

  • the new maps are really bad, I'd like you to come back much performanit google maps. perhaps with the option to open or view maps google

  • Bring back google maps and street view please
  • Bring back google maps and street view please

  • Will renew my premium membership when you bring back Google Maps.

  • The lack of Streetview make Strava mapping tool redundant - with out the ability to check road junctions/type ride configuration is now quite random and dangerous.

    I am now unable to see were minor country lanes turn in to Farm tracks or Foot paths!

    Checking other peoples cafe stops is fun and helpful now something else I'am missing.

  • Thanks Strava for refunding the remainder of my yearly Premium fee that I payed in June. That was fair. I might become a Premium user again once you have proper high res satellite images and street view back. Let's hope it does not take too long....

  • Well done getting your refund. They never responded to me.

  • The lack of StreetView on the new openMaps stuff is a a real pain.

    Also, the navigation (doble-right-click does not zoom out) is frustrating. Please bring back Google Maps, it's far superior...

  • Now that RideWithGPS has introduced privacy zones (, this platform has to be a serious contender as a Strava replacement. It has segments, does not lock down your data.  The only downside as I far as I can see is that there is no run or swim functionality.  That, however, seems like a small price to pay!

  • Browsing someone's activity in a foreign country; all the place names are in the local language *and* using the local alphabet - seriously? (attached screenshot)

  • Every time I log in to Strava I miss street view.  Today's example - a friends ride in the Dolomites described as stunning, no street view integration means I have to faff with Google maps and work out the route to see the roads and for it to be more meaningful then an elevation profile and some numbers.  Notwithstanding all the other obvious stuff like route planning and segment start and finish.  There are inconvenient work arounds yes but they are just that inconvenient.

  • Given that the (assumed, still no official "this is why we're doing it") reason behind this change is the cost of Google Maps, one would also assume that Strava has data on how much Streetview and other Google Maps layers are actually being used.  Given that, I'm astounded that they (you) didn't think that this change would cause a massive backlash from your users (customers). Incredibly disappointing that this debacle continues without any straight up communication from Strava.

  • Zooming doesn't work and the map is just very bad and bad looking. Makes it very difficult to judge altitude profile of a ride because the colours are so odd.

  • Need an option to view topo maps in feet, not meters...

  • When you visit a segment page, you can now click either endpoint of the segment to be brought to the street view for that location. Or, you can select one of the options from the map view menu (pictured below). 

    This addition is not meant to fully resolve your concerns about the switch to Mapbox. We're doing the best we can to respond to your feedback quickly while still maintaining our commitment to elevate your map experience with Mapbox. It's going to take time and we ask that you stick with us, and we'll continue to take your feedback to heart and iterate whenever possible. 



  • I too have now downgraded to free.  It's a protest at losing Streetview and the lack of customer care.  Strave does not listen to it's users.

  • This is something, but ~80% of the comments regarding StreetView were general, looking at friends' routes, checking planned routes (traffic, surface, etc.), and not only about segments... Since we are talking about features that were available for years until just a few weeks ago, it's a bit difficult to be happy about getting back just a fraction of the previous functionality... Your users want real improvements, not features being taken away and then getting 20% of the functionality back as a generous present from the holy engineers who listen to our prayers...

    As others suggested, you could just make OSM the default layer, and put Google Maps (with StreetView) as an optional layer, this will result in the desired drop in traffic and save you the money...

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