Display PR Time at Beginning & Live Results (PR) After Completing a Segment

One of the best motivators about Strava is seeing when you get a PR on a favorite climb or sprint.  It motivates you to keep going.  The problem is you can't see those results until after you've finished your ride.  Wouldn't it be great to see how you've done immediately after completing that tough climb?

With Strava Live you see when you are starting a segment.  The problem is you don't know what your PR is so you don't know what time you're shooting for.  Displaying that would be a great enhancement.  Likewise, when you complete a segment, it displays your time.  Well why not show how you've done when you've finished.  This way you can see your PR results live.  Think of how motivating that feels!


Live results so we can see when we get a trophy!  YES PLEASE!



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