KOM Leaderboard - Based on average time of top 5 runs

KOM's in general are at the mercy of so many variables, and not only those that arise from quirks in GPS data.

A new metric for KOMs based on the frequency with which you can reliably hit a time over a segment would eliminate some of this.

So for example, a guy who has hit 1min 50 on a segment 5 times, would rank above a guy who has hit 1min 55 and 1min 48 on only two occasions.

This would eliminate some of the flukes, and inaccuracies in data recording, and would limit (only to some degree) KOMs that are recorded in really windy weather.

With that in mind, this metric could also ignore segment runs on particularly windy days!

Just trying to add some value to the KOM Leaderboards that I think it desperately needs over the coming years to keep it fresh.  Otherwise it will just be lead by data quirks, cheaters, and the windiest tailwinds...



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