Gender default for "rather not say"

When establishing my profile, I selected "rather not say" as my gender. I was surprised to see that Strava awarded me a KOM, which means that the default gender for "rather not say" is male. How does the community feel about this? 

Should those that prefer not to specify gender be compared to men, women, nobody, or only each other? 





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  • Hi Kristen, Thanks so much for your feedback on this topic. Handling gender in a fair and meaningful way is so important to us. 

    The way the system is designed so far is that "KOM" is the neutral achievement, and on top of that we layer the "QOM" for women only. When a woman posts the fastest overall time (men + women) she still has the QOM and is not also the KOM. 

    I think it's unfortunate that there are gender implications around the terms 'king' and 'queen'. I imagine if we went back in time to 2009 we might have chosen a more gender neutral term. The original inspiration came from the Tour de France and the points competition for the polka dots jersey. 

    Thanks for your time. 

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