Routes - sets of segments?

Hello - I guess I'm just dense. :)  I've tried to see how to use Strava's routes when I want to find a new run to take around Denver.  Or, I'm looking to find a route that matches a known area, say Green Mountain. 

When I intuitively go to the routes section, it wants to let me build a new route. When I go to the Segments section is feels like I'm looking to find a 300 meter part of a hill to compete on-- not my thing.

Can someone help me differentiate these concepts in my mind a bit? Is there a way to find the Green Mountain loop(4.5m) type of route that I can grab and follow on my phone?  I found a blog post about this, but it's out of date. It implied that I could click a link/button on the Maps tab in my app, but of course, I don't have a maps tab. The Record tab doesn't have the feature they mentioned for finding routes. It also said that if I stared a segment that it would shot up in my Routes. No go there either. 

Hmmm. :)





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    Hi Rich, 

    We don't yet have a feature built to search for known routes, or search for routes created by others.

    However, you can create your version of the Green Mountain loop on the Strava website. Then, open the Strava app and select "Load Route" from the record screen to follow the route on your phone. 

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  • Hi I was just looking at the "Local" section for San Francisco, can those be pre-loaded to the app on my Android? I saw no link.

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