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Years ago.... I used TP and would love to get my files into Strava.... I can't seem to figure out how to convert from wko to fit/gpx.... Can someone point me in the right direction...



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  • Hey Kevin,

    Access you account on TP and export data from yor workouts.
    Then I guess you´ll have to convert them from pwx to tcx (using for example).

    Then, the part I'm trying to figure out how to proceed: import this file to Strava. If you do know how, please teach me.

    By the way, is this possible to the free Strava account or only to the premium one?



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  • Bump. Did anyone ever figure this out? I have years of data on Training Peaks that I would love to move to Strava, not sure if it's possible though. 

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  • Francis,TP has an option to export data. You should choose the workouts' type and input the date period. Then it will generate a zip file containing everything you chose for download. Then, I guess, you have to unzip it, generating the original files, and add each of them to strava. Guess there's no automatic bunch of files processing. Please, if I am wrong, send me an update.

    TP: Go to Settings, Account, Export Data, Fill the workout type desired period and click Export button.

    Hope that helps!

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