Error receipt

Good Morning,
I wanted to report that when I received the email with the invoice a month subscription to premium, this indicated that it had purchased 1 year subscription for € 5.49.

I know that the amount I paid is for a month, but should review this, as they could eventually bring some legal problems.



Thank you for joining Strava Premium.

This is your receipt.

Email *************
Date Apr 9, 2016
Payment Method Credit Card - ****
Retailer Strava, Inc.
Items purchased 1 year of Strava Premium
Payment Total €5.49

Your Premium membership is now active and will renew every year unless canceled. You’ll receive more information about Premium soon. Until then, enjoy discovering the ultimate Strava experience, or learn more about all the Premium features.



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    Hi Alfonso, I've started a support ticket for you so that we can respond directly. Thanks. 

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