segments being used to race that are public rights of way

I am having a major problem with Strava in my area.

I run a riding school and Strava users are racing on downhill segments, around blind bends etc. These are public rights of way.

A month ago one of our horses was missed by inches by a speeding cyclist, the rider was thrown off and ended up with a back injury and still cannot ride. This segment is known as 'Mellor Berms and Steps'. We had words with the riders but still have problems in this area.

Last week on 14.04.16 on a segment known as 'Linnets Rocky Downhill' two of our horses were spooked by speeding mountain bikes. The horses bolted, the riders fell off. Both are still off work, one was rushed to hospital with a suspected head injury and broken arm. The arm has been pinned and the rider will be off work for weeks. The riders saw what happened and failed to stop.


Strava encourages riders to race and place fastest times. I think is grossly irresponsible. The routes are public rights of way, used by walkers, other cyclists, horse riders, motorcyclists and sometimes cars. Everyone needs to be respectful of other users. Sadly this is not the case with a significant group of mountain bikers.


I have reported this to the police and will contact our local council as well various equestrian organisations.

I would like to know two things:


Firstly, how do you, as an organisation propose to increase safety and responsible use of public rights of way by Strava users?

Secondly, how can I, as a user of public rights of way both personally and as part of a business, log hazardous routes so Strava users know not to race certain segments due to the fact they are not safe to use at speed?

Many thanks, Greg Loynes, proprietor of Tarden Farm Riding School, Mellor, Stockport



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    Thank you for your post Greg. I've started a support ticket on your behalf so that we can respond with answers to your questions directly. 

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