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is it possible to follow a route from a strava friend (like my own created routes).... and how can i do this.

if i see a nice route, and i want to drive this same can i follow that route then?


thanks for the feedback. 



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    Have the friend share their Route with you, then click the grey Star icon after the route name. A starred Route will appear under "My Routes" on your account. 

  • the route when i download or share with my bryton device its show uploaded but there is no route in the device.


  • How can I see my friend's routes?  A friend of mine has developed some routes for our holiday in Mallorca, and for the life of me I cananot find out how to see them.  He has accepted a freind (or following?) request, so have I.  How come I cannot see his routes?  What do I have to do? 

    There is absolutely no useful information on his or my base page.

  • Oh, and I don't want to actually follow his routes, I just want to see them!

  • Ingrid, 

    Your friend must view one of their routes and share the route with you. This needs to be done for each route individually. 

  • You can see them using mobile device. On PC they're not visible. On your mobile in Strava app open your firend's profile, scroll to the bottom and there you will see Routes (public)

  • wow, so this is hidden on the PC and public in the mobile ... So people concerned about security could think routes are closed when it is not ............. it is bad.

  • Not exactly. Only public routes are visible/accessible in the mobile. Private routes are not visible. The difference is that every public route you create is accessible in the mobile, when on PC you have to share a link with your friend that he could see your public route. I don't know why it works like this. If route is public, it should be visible both in the mobile and on PC as well.

  • Yes, I agree with you. The problem is that a "not exactly" could cause a lot of confusion or lead to something compromising......

  • Its just poor design. If you want to download the GPX of someone's public route you first have to go the their profile on the mobile, look at the route, star it, then its visible on your desktop under My Routes screen and you can see the detail and download. 

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