Rolling 12-months KOMs/QOMs

Wouldn't the obvious solve to handle both sides of the issue be a rolling 12 month best.  I love all-time KOMs, but let's be honest, unless you are a either a semi-pro cyclist or in an area with few riders they are typically impossible to achieve.  The fact that some pro crushed that climb 4 years ago is great, but I think being the best over the last year is worthy of recognition to.  Not to mention the fact that some KOMs are not exactly right due to GPS problems, etc.  I have seen KOMs that do not rise to the level of flagging, but don't seem accurate.  A rolling 12 would soften that problem to.



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    Thanks Alan, I've heard very similar feedback posted on our thread discussing Annual Achievements (deprecated). It's a good suggestion for us to consider! 

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  • I don't agree - They don't delete world records etc after 12 months just so someone else can have a go and feel good. The fastest is the fastest. If the segment looks dodgy you can either flag it or raise a support ticket on a particular ride/ segment and Strava can delete that one segment. You can already sort segment KoM's by Day/ Month/ Year if you are interested.


    I have a few pages of KOM's, some with 80,000+ attempts etc, and yeah I lose a few when the Pro's roll through town for the TdU (and wish they had their own leaderboard) but so be it. I'd be pretty jacked off if they disappeared after 12 months "just because".

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  • I did not mean to take away the all-time, but rather to add (e.g. a lesser KOM) a rolling 12 month.  The annual KOMs were removed this year, I think due to the problem with January 1st wiping them all out.  I understand that the all-time is the top, but best over the last year is also worthy of recognition.  Professional Track & Field does that to - world record and best of the season.

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  • Something like this is totally necessary if Strava wants to keep people motivated.
    Especially if they are not going to filter times alone/group ride.
    Some KOMs are really far for EVERYBODY if a race (professional or not) passed some segment, or some group rides.
    Even your own best PRs could be so far today compared with YOUR times 3-4 years ago.

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  • For me it seems to be a great idea if KOM/QOM has A YEAR of validity time, my justification:

    * Roads in a mountain are continuously changing thus, a KOM made a year ago a had a different road condition than a KOM attempt now.

    * 1 year is equal to 1 natural period (weather, cycling seasons, road conditions, etc.)


    Strava could add the following features:

    * A KOM owner could renew, for a year, your KOM every time that has won it. If the KOM was re-owned, it could add a roman numerals to the KOM icon showing the times that the KOM was re-owned.

    *Strava could notify to the owner about KOM about to expire.

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    People are definitely starting to "cheat" regarding being the "champ" on a specific KOM wherever it might be. Cheating is either by means of riding on e-bikes or just riding behind a motor bike, car or truck. In some areas people are also using the wind for advantage.  Times recorded are unbeatable. It might be by intention and or specific to improve the time. In many chases the recording is un auditable. The majority of times the person involved in this abnormal recording is single. This practice in whatever format is not good for the sport and the etic of cycling. The question than is how to stop these type of practices. Currently there are two type of recordings. Overall and yearly. The yearly times gets deleted each year. The overall remains forever. What is the purpose of Strava? Not to set world records forever. I recommend the overall ranking list be deleted and only the yearly ranking list remain and get deleted every year.


    And why will people disagree with this proposal? Properly  because they want the "record" to stand forever. But why than have Strava  if the intention is to complete against each other to become fit. I truly hope that this recommendation will be carefully considered.


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