New goals tabs, done the wrong way

I am tracking running and biking. With the way you have split the goals, I now have to click through tabs to see where I am for the week. 

I understand that you wanted to clean up the page. Instead of separating it by discipline, a better way would have been to separate it by goal:

Three tabs, like now, but goal oriented instead:

Tab 1) Challenge progress

Tab 2) Weekly progress

Tab 3) Annual progress

Make the last selection also "stick". That way, I can see where I am without going through tabs and clicking through the tabs, I can check progress on all disciplines.





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    Thanks so much for passing along your feedback.

    Know that we've heard you and are discussing the best solution. We understand there are some undesirable design issues with the new goals layout and we will do our best to address this going forward. In particular, we hope to improve the experience for those multi-sport athletes that have goals in more than one discipline. 

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