Merging Strava/Fitbit/Garmin Rides

I own the Fitbit Surge and use it for my HR/distance monitoring and when I am complete with my ride I upload it to Strava.  I am getting ready to purchase a Garmin 520 for my road bike and want to know if I can merge my HR information from Fitbit and all the other data from my Garmin 520 into one Strava workout?



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    Hi Chris, 

    The easiest solution would be to connect a heart rate monitor to your Garmin 520 for recording, then sync all your data from Garmin > Strava > Fitbit. Hope that helps! 

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  • Elle, 

    On a similar topic, is it possible to merge data from garmin and from the strava app? For example, I like some of the features of the strava app, including the live segments and the new beacon feature, but the garmin captures richer data from my heart rate monitor, cadence censor, etc. If i run the strava app and am also recording the ride on my garmin, how would i handle the duplicate recording of the same ride? 



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  • Hi. I'm looking to have the same set up as above. Does strava send gps data to Fitbit as well or just the distance/time and for its own heart rate data

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