View real time without stops when climbing a segment

I'm a one armed cyclist. When i climb a long segment, i sometimes have to stop to drink or to stretch my back. On a 1 hour climb, it can be 1' or 1'30'' minutes stop.When i upload on Strava, is there a way to have my effort time not counting the stops?I use a Garmin 810, thanks for help!



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  • Hi Pierre,

    We understand the need for that function, but unfortunately, there is not a way to exclude the stops at this moment.  Could be a function we add in the future.  


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  • i agree this should be an option on the segments especially those of climbs and long distance segments. i have just completed a sportive and so many people jumping red lights to make sure they get a better time on strava. 

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  • For Pierre I understand the need of this feature but generally I'm against it. It would lead to an additional unfairness on segments because someone who rests often could easily get better times as someone who drives without stops, especially on very long segments. And having red lights often is simpy bad luck or the segment is not well choosen if it depends on a green phase.

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