Add an Equestrian Activity type

Hi Stravanites (??),

I expect the good people working at Strava are numbers look at these numbers please:

-There are more than 9 million horses in the US, and more than 30 million people ride horses annually. (

-In 2014, only 2.8 million people tried stand up paddle boarding. (

Please add equestrian sports as an option, thank you!

All the best,

Stephen Gross




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    Thanks for the request! You can also add your vote here to help us decide which activities the community most wants to see added to Strava. 

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  • Yes, Strava Activity types are pretty dumb IMO. All sorts of non-GPS activities which seem peripheral to Strava, but no types for fundamentally different activities, such as road bike, mtb and downhill mtb. Equestrian certainly is a unique trackable activity that would benefit from its own activity type.

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  • If you want strava to add Equestrian please add your comments to this thread:

    They will only do it if we show enough interest and this thread has the most comments so far.

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  • Please add horse riding/equestrian riding as an activity in Strava. So many members of our local trail riding group have expressed interest in being able to track and share their ride data.

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