Cannot tag friends when sharing an activity to Facebook (Strava website)

I have the above problem. May i know if anyone knows what is wrong ? there are certain individuals that i can tag (his/her name will appear in the drop box) but there are some that will not appear. However, previously i can tag them. 

Appreciate your kind inputs.



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    Sorry about this! We have this listed internally as a known issue when sharing an activity from the Strava website to Facebook: 

    Currently, when sharing from the Strava website to Facebook, Strava gives you the option to tag ~25 friends on the shared activity. There is no logic around which of your friends are in this group of 25, and we apologize for the poor experience trying to tag your friends who were on the activity with you. 

    Is there a workaround? 

    If you share from the Strava mobile app, you can choose any of your current Facebook friends to tag on the post. Select the tag friends icon after choosing the map or image, and then selecting Facebook as your social share option. 

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  • I think this is a new bug. If I ride with my wife. I can't tag her via Strava's post on Facebook. I have to go into the post on my Facebook Timeline and edit the post text to add her name.

    This happens on rides that come over automatically from Garmin Connect. The automatic posting to Facebook never worked for rides coming over that way.

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  • I also have this same problem. Up until a few weeks ago I was able to tag my partner in every ride we do together prior to sharing on facebook. Now I only have a handful of people who are in the drop down list and none of my strava friends are amongst them. Just a few random people who I don't think are even on Strava. Has anyone find a solution to this ?

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  • Same problem overhere. It's very annoying because it used to work... :-(

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  • Same problem

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