Heat Map - ex-major race routes?

I love the Heat Map and I use it all the time to find new running routes local, but also to find where to run when I'm traveling. I figure if a route shows up on the Heat Map, it's a pretty good, runner-friendly place to get a work out in...but then I realized something. That's not always the case if there is a major race in town.

Take New York City for example. I would not recommend running up 1st Avenue. It's really busy, there is a light/street crossing every 0.05 miles (literally) and it's just far from ideal. But 1st Avenue is super bright on the Heat Map. Why? Because 50,000 runners run up 1st Avenue when running the NYC Marathon. The you can very easily spot the entire marathon course on Strava Heat Map because there are just so many runners that run that race...but outside of race day, without street closures, that's really not a great route to run. The same is true for the Brooklyn Half Marathon course. 

So, I would suggest creating a filter for the Heat Map that excludes races, that way I can scope out a route for a run when I'm out of town without accidentally 
finding myself on a dodgy, not-pedestrian friendly route.  



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  • Within the "route builder" feature you can filter HEATMAPS to either BIKE or RUN.  I would like to propose that the "route builder" feature, when you have HEATMAPS turned on to BIKE. allow you to filter to either MTB or ROAD.  When building routes far away, for destination rides it would be nice to know if one is building a route on paved or dirt.  I realize this will not be perfect but better that exists now,  Thanks for the consideration.

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  • After thought.  I've noticed several tracks / rides where the rider has not indiucated on their profile what kind of bike they are riding.  I believe this is how STRAVA determines a road ride vs. an MTB ride.  It might improve data if the individual trying to build a route with route bulider could also filter out the "no bike type on file" routes from the HEATMAP feature.   Again thanks for your consideration.

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  • Agreed! Especially in NYC! Lots of activities are generated by races, but its misleading since those routes are typically closed to traffic for the races, so they don't translate into popular running routes. Granted most people log races in new york as races, it could be easy enough to create a filter for heat map ex races. However, as I try to imagine what it would look filtered, I I don't think a simple filter would be as effective. Having lived on Upper East, I agree that the sidewalks of 1st avenue are extremely busy and not ideal for a run, however living there, one can't avoid running up an down 1st ave to get to the river or to Central Park. There is also a separated bike lane there, so I found myself running up and down 1st ave on the bike lane on a daily basis despite it being a marathon route. However, there are egregious examples of what you are describing in the outer boroughs of new york. 

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