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Tonight I see something weird when I tap on the links to see details of the first three or four activities in my feed: Nothing Happens. Only on my phone (tried Chrome and Opera Mini); the links work on my laptop (Chrome). The links to older activities work fine, too.

Actually it isn't just the activities; ANY link on the top part of the page is inoperative.



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  • Same.  Dashboard pull-down for Following / My Activities / Clubs is broken in browsers on mobile devices.

    The first time I tap on the pull-down, I briefly see it render, but not fast enough to make a choice.

    Second and subsequent taps on the pull-down do absolutely nothing.

    In my case it’s iOS with Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Photon.   Usually Photon works the same as a desktop (even with Flash), so something is seriously broken with the Strava dashboard code.

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