Overlapping Privacy Zones, et al

I had some questions regarding privacy zones like for around work and home.

First, are the privacy zones applied to an activity map upon activity upload or are privacy zones applied dynamically? In other words, if I change my privacy zone, will previously uploaded activities be updated too?

Second, I want to create two or three overlapping privacy zones to extend the available range provided by Strava today. Can you do that? If so, are there any limitations. I did this for both work and home but only one endpoint seems to be working correctly. Perhaps there are limitations like you can't do something like put the center of a zone inside another zone but the two circles can overlap.

Third, after you set up privacy zones, how can I really tell what others can see. It seems like I see the zones applied in my activity list but when I look at the detailed map, I do not see the zones. This would seem a minimal normal way to mechanize privacy zones but because my overlapping zones don't seem to be working correctly, I'm not sure. Ideally, they'd have a what others can see feature like Facebook.





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  • I added some overlapping privacy areas, and then had another user check them - they don't work.

    I switched back to one larger privacy area, but I'd rather be more selective, since it wipes out pretty much any walking activity I add.

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  • After experimenting with them for a while, I came to the same conclusion. Overlapping privacy zones don't work. I submitted a feature request for zones up to a one mile radius. We'll see if they provide it.

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