Clubs for "other" Activities

Strava currently allows the creation of Clubs for runners, cyclists and "tri" groups (running, cycling + swimming) which is awesome!!  What is missing is the ability to create a Club that focuses on any of the other activities captured by Strava, ie yoga, skiing etc.

As it stands, when you go to create a new Club you can choose between "running", "cycling" "tri" or "other".  Unfortunately the "other" option does not allow you to create a Club that focuses on your chosen activity, instead it creates a club for running, cycling and swimming (essentially another tri club!).

The ability to be able to create a yoga club, or a skiing club or a walking club etc would be fantastic and is the missing link for Strava Clubs (along with the ability to create club challenges!).  This would allow all athletes to embrace the Club function for their chosen sport = perfect, and much appreciated!  

My proposal is that Strava adds 3 drop down menus to the existing "other" option, allowing the club creator to select up to 3 different activities from the list of activities that Strava currently captures.  The activities could then simply be dropped into the existing "tri club" format/structure.  As far as I can see this would be a very simple addition to make, considering the structure is already in place (it is just adding a few drop down menus) but the impact and feel good factor it would create for users would be huge.

Let us help Strava grow, build us the perfect Club platform and we will be recruiting new users organically on your behalf - a win-win!! 

ps - so excited to hear that you are investing in Clubs, thank you! :)



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  • Hiruy, that's awesome! I'm so glad someone finally has Strava's ear!! Thank you for picking up the banner!

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  • Hiruy, did you ever hear back from Strava?

    I too would also be interested in a multisport club.

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