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On the main page, Strava currently only shows the Title of each event. It would be cool if there was something to indicate that some text was also entered in the Description for the event; perhaps the first X characters of the Description might be shown so that our friends can see that we entered something and have some idea what it was about. They can then click the item to read the full description.

The reason for this request is that currently we're unaware of anything our friends entered into the Description field unless we click on each individual event on the main page. Being able to see at a glance where there is more info in the Description than entered into the event Title would be really useful.



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  • Since Strava is becoming more "social" with the addition of posts, it would make sense to show 2 or 3 lines of the description text for each entry (with an clickable [more] text at the cut-off to expand and show full description).

  • Finally, at least in beta version of mobile app :) We need this in web interface as well. Many thanks Elle

  • I did see this feature in the Android version of the app: two or three lines of the activity description were shown in the activity feed. Loved it. Now it's gone again. Why did you drop this in the latest update?

  • I'd also love to see this on the website.  It's in the Android app, but not on the website.  So whenever I'm on the website, I feel like I'm missing out on interesting stuff that my friends say.

  • I don't understand how with only 4 upvotes this request was prioritised?

    Is there now nowhere to put long personal notes about an activity without consuming most of the visible screen space in everyone's feed?

  • I for one really appreciate that this was added to the website so quickly.  They only added a few lines of the description so you can see something is there and then truncated the rest.  If the description is really long and interesting, you still have to click on the activity to read the whole thing, which is fine by me.  I don't really think the amount they added takes up much space in the feed at all.

  • I suppose it depends on your browser. Mine (Firefox on Ubuntu 18) renders these first 250 characters into 5 lines (i.e., longer than your comment above). It's easy enough to disable with a user stylesheet ( .activity-body { display: none; } ), but there are a lot of less intrusive ways of indicating that an activity has a description.

  • Sorry--I don't care for this new feature at all, and I agree with Šón Čestr. These are supposed to be quick snapshots and the title line, map, and photos should be plenty for folks to see and decide quickly if they want to get more details about the activity--if there are more. I use the description field as my running log... and while I don't mind that anyone clicks on my activity to read more (if they so choose), I'd rather it not be up-front and center in the Activity Feed. Now there's no place to put my thoughts or woes (or cheers) without everyone seeing it immediately. If folks like to have the additional info in the Activity Feed--that's fine too, but why not at least offer it as a setting or option choice for the person who enters the description, so the author has the choice to make it more public-facing or not? I'm one of the few in my group that even adds a description, so now I feel like I'm the "loud mouth" in our group, and it's actually changing the way I write my description (which defeats the purpose of even using it). So, yeah--obviously I'm not too happy about this "new feature."

    Strava--please see posts in Strava Support about this change. I get the feeling that I'm not alone in my opinion about this. Please consider at least offering the choice to show or hide description in the Activity Feed. Thanks for listening.

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