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Can you implement a mention when someone is hovering over a kudo which tells them that a kudo is for an extraordinary achievement? I.e. when I go for a 60 minute spin at 23 km per hour, just to clear my mind,kudos are unnecessary. 

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  • I think there's an even better way to handle this problem: On the activity update page, make it an option:

    "Disable kudos for this activity" and....

    "Disable comments for this activity"

    Make them check boxes or switches we can click.  

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  • As far as I can tell, kudos mean:

    1. I saw this in my feed
    2. I bumped the thumbs up trying to scroll on my phone
    3. Please give my activities kudos
    4. You took my KoM but I'm not bitter
    5. I saw you while I was out and found you via flyby. We should be friends or date or something.
    6. Nice photo(s)
    7. That was a good/impressive effort

    Though #7 is rarely used.

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  • Shoot, forgot what seems to be there most common use lately: "Hi, I am a porn spam bot!"

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  • So true Mojo Monkey.  Another idea would be to ration the kudos people can give.  Like everyone only has 3 kudos per day .... then you know if you get one from someone you are super special.

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