"Moments" - combining multisport or multi-day activities

Apart from "suggested to death" ideas about Triathlon, I wish to write one more gripe that I have.

When we go out riding with friends, we tend to meet up at a specific location then start from there on a common route. However, the ride takes quite a long time, and there are significant pauses that make me want to split the day into a bunch of smaller rides, probably based on long breaks (morning/afternoon/evening) or days (day 1/2/3/etc). However, doing so leads to the ride being literally split and displayed separately.

I wish to have a function that "loosely combines" the multiple rides or multisport sessions into moments, "logically meaningful sets of activities that share an overarching common time or theme".

Things that are worthy of promotion or combination into moments could be:

  • Triathlons or other multisport activities
  • Good unique times in your life, like visiting a friend in Japan and cycling + camping 500 km with him over a week
  • Multi-day races or exercise plans


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  • Probably a better name for this could be "Adventure" and It was proposed already in a similar way. It is just a simple grouping of activities, while the main activity could be more like a post with linked activities.

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  • I was about to suggest a similar thing as "epics" (a freak occurrence of scrum terminology overlapping with cyclist-speak, also, "epic" is compatible with the concept of irony in a way that "adventure" isn't - I have deep disrespect for platforms that insist on misapplying the term "adventure" to entirely unadventurous events).

    User story: when reviewing stage n from that one trip years ago it's annoyingly difficult to navigate to stage n-1 or n+1. Having those links would make Strava much more useful as the personal sports diary you want to hold on to for life.

    Primarily intended for multi stage travels, it could have the added benefit of solving the old triathlon gripe and coming close to the often requested ability to actually merge activities after squeezing devices mid-ride.

    I would see it as an entirely presentational feature, just detect chains of activities that start and end in close proximity to each other (temporally and spatially, allow longer breaks between longer activities), then create links along the chain on the details page, all other UI entirely optional.

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  • This idea would also be really helpful in collecting multiple small runs that make up a single overall exercise session. For example often times I wish I could have separate entries for my warm-up, individual track laps, and cool-down runs, without having to spam my feed with discrete entries. Being able to group them all into a single track session on the live feed and have it represented as one single exercise on the log and in my "total runs" tally would be really great.

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  • This would also be a useful step in the right direction for the common gripe among gravity riders about how strava deals with shuttling/bike parks. You either have to have one activity with lots of weird straight lines from pausing and restarting during shuttles/lifts or split into one for each lap and spam your ride feed with 10 activities in one day.

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