Ride library

Enable users to save and share routes/rides they’d recommend (may exclude their own performance data). E.g. if you’ve been on a scenic route, etc.

And allow users to search rides for a defined area by length and elevation. 



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  • This is a great idea! The ultimate use of a Social Media site...!

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  • Buli on the local rides pages that exist in strava already

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  • The local ride pages are really bad. First they only cover very few cities with very limited options, second no real search functions. Would be much better if users could themselves recommend their own rides and comment

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  • Great idea! This should apply to scenic running routes too. Allow owner to attach photographs and description. Allow others to comment and upvote. Then make a good route explorer to allow other to discover routes. If implemented well, this could be a feature I'd be willing to pay premium for.

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