My calories burned are significantly less than my two riding buddies.

I ride with 2 guys that are a bit bigger than I am and they both ride mountain bikes. I ride a trek road bike. One of the guys calorie burn shows 2 to 3 times the burn of my app. He uses the app thru his iWatch and I go thru my iPhone. What is the deal with the large difference?



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  • Have you compared what you both have entered into the apps regarding your physical stats (weight, height, age, etc...)? If he weighs more and rides a heavier bike, those things will lead to it taking more calories for them to do the same as you are doing.

  • He is a bit taller, 50# heavier and rides a bike 20# heavier, but I wouldn't think it would be 1000 calories more burn.

  • Strava pulls calorie data from the source of the activity data from what I can tell (my garmin run was 678 cal this morning... Strava says 678 as well).  

    So the iWatch app he is using is likely calcing it very different (often using his heart rate to calc calories).  Also on a many hour ride a 70# difference will addup for sure over time up to 1000cal diff.  Plus calorie calcs on activities is calculated pretty poorly across the board.  

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