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My average speed for cycling is nearly a while mile per hour slower than other guys riding in my group. Some use their Apple Watch most use a garmin bike computer.

When I use my own garmin and compare the end results there is still a disparity. I’d use my garmin bike computer but it does not upload the rides wirelessly.

Can I recalibrate strava? Is this a watch use?



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  • For biking the issue normally lies in the Auto pause feature and how it's setup or not used. If people have autopause setup to pause at 5mph...it cuts out a fair bit of slow coasting at stoplights etc versus if you don't use it at all and included all the 5-40sec stoppages in your travel time.   Can check that in activity details by seeing your Time and Moving Time... compared to other riders.   Also people using smart watches or phones will often have bad GPS paths, if you zoom in it will show them ziging and zagging around - giving them extra distance.   My running partners using phone Apps always show faster and further than me (often .2 miles further on a 5mile run)... when we were together the whole time!

    If you have a wheel sensor that can also through it off if your wheel isn't calibrated well.   You can do a 'fix distance' on the website for the activity to see if it was a GPS related issue, also will help point you to a wheel calibration issue.  You can slowly adjust wheel diameter until the 'correct distance' doesn't update distance much.

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  • I can no longer see total time, only moving time, has total time been removed?

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