When are you going to enable importing of routes?

It's been three years since the previous thread on this topic said you might do it in the future.

If you don't really have plans to implement the feature in Strava could you:

 a) Improve the route builder (still only a Beta, why?) so that works all the time and is comparable with other websites in ease of use, functionality and the types of maps available. For example, I often spend ages planning a route only to find it won't save, which is incredibly frustrating. Another example, you can't reverse a route or do a there-and-back route. RideWithGPS is a much better utility; you should take a look at it

 b) Get more accurate/up-to-date maps in the Strava Labs import project so that when you try to import a route it doesn't always fail

I hope you respond to this as the customer experience in this area is poor at the moment and I expect there are many paying customers who would like to see this. Hope you don't mind the moan. I'm actually generally pleased with the rest of Strava.



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  • Agree, why can't i simply import via the unique route number of a public route?


    better question, why hasn't there been a reply to Alex's question?

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