Big difference in distance / workout time compared to my Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM


I've recently purchased a new Wahoo ELEMNT Roam and connected it via the App to my Strava account. From the beginning there is quite a big difference in distance and cycling time reported by the Roam and the ride in Strava. An example from last week:

ELEMNT app: 34,30km
Strava: 33,65km

Movement time:
ELEMNT app: 1:12:17
Strava: 1:12:15

The strange thing is that I did the ride above with a buddy of mine, who has a regular Wahoo ELEMNT (not the Roam) and he doesn't have any difference between his Strava account and his ELEMNT app. Both of his 'sources' are the same as my ELEMNT app.

What can go wrong? As you can see, the difference is quite big, therefore it's messing up my Strava stats.

I've already contacted Wahoo and they say the problem is on Strava's side.

Any suggestions?



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  • I also started to see this issue. Were you able to troubleshoot it, @Wouter R.?

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  • Nope, no solution yet. Anyone?

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  • I’m getting the same with my Wahoo (Tickr) log and Strava whilst running, eg this morning’s run was 4.71 miles on Wahoo, 4.36 miles on Strava which is damned annoying.

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