HELP: how to organize / manage "my routes"....? I have over 100

Hi all, and especially software developers of Strava,


I need help, and I think a small addition to the software can do miracles. So hopefully this words gets to the software developers at Strava!


Currently I have over 100 routes on "my routes" that I drew on Strava. Some of them I used often, like the ones starting and finishing at my front door. Other routes I rarely use, like routes on holiday destinations abroad, but I do want to keep them in my Strava profile to share with others or re-use when I'm back there.



There is currently no way to organize the pages and pages of routes on my Strava profile.

No ranking on Name (A-Z), no ranking on Date of creation, no ranking on Date of modification, no ranking on Favourites marked with a star, no ranking on Distance, no ranking on Altitude meters, no ranking on Frequently used...

Maybe even folders and subfolders would make my life easier. Just to be able to organize on a geographical location, on times used, on favourites, maybe a Wishlist...


Surely more people should have this problem...? Let me hear from you.



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  • Yes, this is conspicuously absent from the Routes feature.  I title all my rides starting with the distance, in the hope that some day Strava will at least let you sort them alphabetically, but a folder style system would be even better.

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