Swim times

I did a 2.3km swim.  The data is correct in garmin connect when down loaded  from my 920XT however STRAVA reports this with a moving time of 6:47

Have not had this issue before.  Have downloaded the TCX file from garmin and re-imported the file but same result

How can I correct this?



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  • I don't think you can correct it. I've never used the Garmin Forerunner 920XT, but I do have a Forerunner 25...which is intended for running only. Nevertheless, in addition to runs, I use it for recording bike rides, and swims. But, when I upload those workouts to Strava, it will show on Strava that the workout was recorded with a "Garmin Forerunner 25." And, since the watch is for running, it will think that my 2-mile swim, or 30-mile bike ride was a run...and show calorie usage, and other data, as if were a run. So...I'm wondering if you have the 920XT set for a run when you're actually swimming. The moving time, calories, and pace all look as if you were running. But the map clearly shows you swimming.

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