Is it at all posible to have another separate Strava system specifically for E-bikes, might save some local animosity!? Or have I missed that it exists and E-bikers chose not to use it?!



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  • You can choose E biking as the activity. Although I concur that having those km's seperate might be nice.

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  • E-bike activities aren't meant to show up on leaderboards, I believe... if they do, people may not be tagging their rides as e-bike rides.

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  • One thing that might help is a small UI tweak: currently if I select my e-bike from the gear list I also have to select an e-bike ride still: it would be great if the UI allowed me to say a bike is an e-bike.


    (I can very occasionally choose to use it without the motor, but I am really not likely to do that, and I am happy to always change it back if that's the case, rather than have to change two things when I could just change one)

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