Why don't I receive ALL kudos and ALL event notifications by e-mail of All the people I follow or who follow me?

I use the free version of Strava to stay in touch what friends/followers are doing, as from march 2019. My main device is a Garmin 1020. However, I note that

  1. when people that follow me give me kudos, only some of them reach me by e-mail. I occasionally go into Strava and that's when I see a whole load of kudos that have been sent to me but which never arrived in my mailbox, and
  2. vice versa in that I am notified by mail of the activities of only some of the people I follow, but then I also find loads of activities done by the people I follow in the Strava account when I occasionally go in. I therefore miss the opportunity to send them kudos!!

How do I fix this? I have only one e-mail that I use and its listed as my default under my Strava profile. What did happen recently, and i seem to think it has something to do with it, is that those from whom I do not receive notifications of their events or receive their kudos by mail, were all loaded as 'following' or 'followers' prior to August 2019 when I upgraded my mobile phone. It seems that somehow they are 'stuck' on the other phone? Nothing else changed though?

I have been through all the settings i can see and I haven't seen any obvious 'blocks' or options to stop or remove kudos that have been set.



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