Can't Sync Strava on Galaxy Watch to Android Phone

Hi there, 


Is it even remotely possible to sync the Strava data from the Galaxy Active 2 to the Strava Android App or Samsung Health?

I have tried the manual sync and nothing is appearing on Strava (app and online) nor is it reflecting on Samsung Health app. 





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  • Hi G,  Yes it is, or should I say was,.. I had been using Strava on my GA2 to my Pixel but best of all viewable on my Mac ,... worked very well,..however, just in the last 2 weeks it has not been "syncing",.... have tried everything, uninstall on Pixel  & on GA2,.. log out of everything , reinstall ,.. I get to the " a Pin will be sent" and nothing happens.... I hope it is an update issue,.. just do not know update on what .

    I " guess" it is a Strava issue..

    Hope someone else with better knowhow can offer assistance to us both... it is worth having Strava .    

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  • I'm having same problem with my Samsung Gear Sport watch. I was able to just press bike ride on my watch and the ride would sync to Strava. Not anymore, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app multiple times on both my watch and phone but it still does not work.
    Please help...

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  • Problem with syncing Samsung watch with Strava. On phone go to connected services and press the Stava app and reauthorize, the dot on the right should turn green. Not sure how it unauthorized maybe an update. but it is syncing everything now. Hope this helps.

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