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  • Echoing the same complaint as others. Trail runs not showing properly on website.  Desktop only has swim, bike, and run. Now the miles from trail runs are not summing in the miles tabulation but do show in the chart, hours, and elevation.  Please fix this asap. For ex: This week I have run 33 miles. Even when changing the type of run later to a normal run, the tabulation fails to update.Edit: as of June 19 2022 it is now fixed.

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  • Where can I find info about the new Goals classifications. This is ridiculous. Of 150km riding this week 25.5km counted towards by riding goal. Of that 150k it was all on the same bike, same ride classification. Anyone know what the purpose of this is?

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  • I'm uncorformale for my currently problem with Strava don't show successful person and segments. I've send four requests whit negatives results and close the request unresolved. The technical assistance is not have been better, five day whit the problem. Maybe this side is not appropriate because feel that my requests don't untended for Strava,

    Customer Antonio Torres Perez


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  • I've noticed over the past few days that my riding goals have not been updating for the past couple of weeks and this seems to have started when the range of activities under the Cycle Sports were recently extended. Under my Profile the statistics for the year-to-date are correct and so are those relating to the challenges I have entered along with those relating to monthly activities. Again any help would be appreciated.

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  • Hey everyone, in regards to those of you experiencing your progress goals not updating, this is related to our release of new trail sports types.
    It sounds like you have recorded some activities under the new Trail Sports Types (Mountain Bike Ride, Gravel Bike, Trail Run), either through the Strava app, or through your 3rd party devices. Currently, the New Trail Sports will not count towards the current Ride, Run, and E-Bike Ride Goals, however, our engineers are working on including them in the progress goals soon. 

    Currently they will count towards the Trail Sports goals or the new Combined Effort Goals, such as:
    • All Sports
    • Off-Road Sports
    • All Run
    • All Ride
    • All E-Ride

    For more information about how to create these goals in the Mobile app, please see the following link: How to create goals on the mobile app
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  • 'All sports' goals. This is brilliant news and what many of us at the start of this thread were asking for. Thanks for delivering again Strava 👏👏👏

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  • Thanks for that Soren, I think the penny has finally dropped and I'm back on track! Cheers. 👍

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  • I would like to be able to configure Strava to show PR's based on a timeframe.  E.g.  I'm getting older and my PR's from 5-years ago are now unattainable.  Depressing to know I'll never beat them.  But I'd love to know when I beat a PR from the past 12-months.

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  • I prefer to know my total elevation loss for a ride. Is that possible? 
    And if that's possible, how can I find out my total elevation loss for the year? 

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  • B Z hey there, thanks for the comment. It's currently not possible to display your elevation loss, but I will gladly pass this suggestion on.

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