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  • Feature request : default road/gravel/mtb bike

    I love the new bike activities, I can now record MTB, Gravel and Road activities.

    In My Gears ( Strava | Gear ), I have my bikes, one gravel, one MTB, one road. 

    I can only have one default.

    Please allow us to set : default road bike, default gravel bike and default mountain bike 

    Thanks :)

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  • Hi,

    I would like to see information about the amount of meter of descents made during my run.

    This information is avalaible on my Garmin or Polar equipement but after the sync to Strava we are only able to see the total amount of climbs meter.
    This information is important to make a better analyze of a training session, cause during a run (like a trail) sometimes the amounts of decents meter can add a big load of difficulty (like a training in Mountain).

    And this information can be also usefull in Hiking.


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  • Please add longboarding and/or skateboarding as a supported activity. I currently log my skating under "Roller Ski" but I have got to imagine that there are more skateboarders in the world than roller skiers... I know several other skaters who would like to see this addition. Thank you!

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    Add longboard / skateboard activity.

    As a huge community group we would like to have an option to track our rides, distance and speed in Strava app. We often use it to track our other activities so it would be super convenient to have it in one place.

    Longboarding can be downhill rides or city cruising. I am doing 14km a day to work. There are electric boards and nonelectric. It would be super if both options were available. 

    It would be great to have time and speed challenges on downhill sections of the route for skateboarding sport.

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  • Would love to see an emoji for cross country skiing. 

    It would be a motivational tool for coaching purposes on strava. 

    Strava is one of the few accepted social medias for training logs, great to have xc skiing separate, as well as roller skiing. This emoji is for winter classic skiing, for example.

    thank you

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  • Hi Strava team,

    I found Strava overrides elevation data when activity is changed from run to trail-running. These are the screenshots:

    1.  Watch data, EG 1423m. Recorded in running mode using COROS Pace 2. The watch doesn't have trail running mode.


    2.  Uploaded to Strava as running activity, EG 1423m


    3.  Change activity type to "trail running". Elevation gain is changed to1462m


    4.  Menu --> Adjust elevation --> use strava data. Elevation gain is changed again to1411m


    5.  Menu --> Adjust elevation --> Use device elevation. Elevation gain is adjusted to 1423m (same as device data)


    So, I need to adjust and re-adjust elevation if I want to use elevation from the device. I'm not sure this behavior is by design. As long as I know, Strava will use the device elevation data by default. Hope you can fix this. 

    Thank you

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  • Strava Elevation correction doesn't work in Strava website anymore. Please fix.

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  • Request for tweak to existing feature:

    if you filter activities in the strava app you are presented with a slider for elevation. That slider has a range of 0->600m, or over 600m. That 600m is a very small amount of elevation to have as the maximum in the range - anyone who trains on hills whether running or cycling is going to exceed 600m per activity most of the time, so the filter becomes effectively useless.

    Anyone who is using the elevation filter is going to be interested in amounts of elevation, so probably someone who does a lot of it. It would almost certainly be safe to make that a much bigger number (say 5000m or even 10000m).

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