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  • Show PRs in Mobile App

    I want to be able to see my PRs in the mobile app. This will allow me to see all of my Run/Bike/Swim PRs without having to go onto my computer and view the Strava desktop website. I use the mobile app 90% of the time when viewing Strava data, so this would save me (and many others) time by displaying PRs in the mobile app. Other apps such as Garmin Connect and Runkeeper show PRs in their mobile app. The data is readily available by Strava; I cannot think of a good reason that this simple feature request would not be implemented. In fact, this has been a feature request for many years. The old request was deleted when Strava rolled out this new Community Forum (old link:

    In the mobile app, clicking on the Profile tab in the bottom menu bar (on iOS app) brings me to my profile. Scrolling to the bottom of my profile, there is a list element called "Statistics" (Activities, Statistics, Gear, etc). Clicking on Statistics shows me my stats for the year (similar to how the desktop website shows stats in my profile). I think that PRs could easily be added either to this Statistics list element, or in its own list element page.

    Strava desktop website -> My Profile -> "My Stats" side bar:


    Strava mobile app (iOS) -> Profile -> suggestion where PRs could be added:

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  • "Today" in Top 10

    I would like to have the "Today" choice in the Top 10 to compare the efforts of a day without changing to the segment's site.

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  • Tracking performance over time is something we all do.  Strava has the data because it tells me I'm trending faster/slower on a route and shows a plot of my times on that route.

    Why oh why is this not available for personal bests at standard distances (for runners... mile, 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, etc)?  I understand I can manually enter my PB for an official race and have it published to my profile, but really wish I could see how I am trending over time across standard distances based on GPS activities and entered PBs.

    There was a thread about PR history on the old support forum with a lot of comments and upvotes.  I hope the reorganization doesn't push this feature to the back of the line.

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  • "Achievement" is actually a subjective term.

    To some it is simply getting out and walking a mile, to others it is cycling longer than they have ever been before, to others it will be making that 10th rep up that hillside that makes their legs scream for rest and for some it is getting back from a chronic injury.

    To ignore ALL of that and simply say say " didn't go faster than Johnny Boy Whats-his-name" did on that section" (especially when he targets that segment as he is 'like-fishing') is to demean everyone that is following a structured plan.

    Running with a HRM to stay below your MAFF threshold for 2 hours? That will be dismissed over Johhny Boy's 5 minute blast.

    Sort this out.

    A true achievement is setting a specific target and hitting it.  Not just swinging your d*** faster than Johnny Boy.

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    Users have long begged for this possibility.
    As everyone knows, leaderboards are one of the most differential features of Strava and also certainly the most motivating possibility it offers.

    It is really frustrating that a solo rider has no choice when appearing on the same leaderboard as riders who qualify riding in a group with the benefit of the relay draft.
    Of course the problem is even greater when the group cyclists are professional pelotons in a race.

    Strava has the ability to detect group activities and can implement this segmentation on leaderboards.
    Furthermore, users could flag activities that may have been done in a group and the system would not have detected them as that.

    This is VERY important to find motivation riding alone, specially in this moment with the COVID-19 situation around the world.
    Proper leaderboards sure will make people want to pay per subscription.

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  • Under "Segments", add "Top 10" segment finishes in addition to the already existing "KOMs/CRs" tab


    While it's great that there is a tab to quickly see segments where one achieved a KOM or CR, for the majority of people, this is very difficult to obtain. A Top 10 finish however, is more likely and still motivating - plus, Strava offers a trophy icon when a Top 10 finish is achieved, so why is this not easily showcased?

    This would allow users to quickly identify segments where they finished in the Top 10 all-time, and is a nice ego boost while also serving as motivation to ultimately get that KOM. Motivation will result in people getting after that leaderboard more heavily which requires getting out the door; good for fitness and good for your business.

    This functionality should not be difficult to add. You could create a separate "top 10" tab - which would be preferred - or simply add to the existing "KOMs/CRs" tab.



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  • This new screen is terrible.

    I used to be able to quickly open a segment on a ride and see my overall standings with this little graphics that was directly on the segment page:
    I was also quickly able to see how well I performed compared to others and if it is actually a segment that is popular or not with my position (ex. 110/5064). 

    But now I have to click on Fastest Time tile, scroll to the bottom to see the number of people on that segment, for each segment I want to analyze...

    It's important for me because if I rank 18 on a segment and the little graphic is at the top quarter, it could be I'm 18 out of 300 or 18 out of 10000, and that's a big difference. So I have to scroll to the bottom every time to see the number of people on the segment.

    Also, for 99% of segments the fastest time is not relevant to me because it is held by a pro rider.

    Plus just having the time of the KOM there is not great because I don't have anything to compare it to. Ok 5:54, but is that fast? I have to scroll back up to check my time on the segment, but by the time I'm back up I forgot the KOM time (was it 5:54 or 6:54)? And then I have to do some mental math to know if I'm far or not. (Ok I went 8:19, KOM is at 5:56, means I'm.... hmm... 3 minutes... no, 2 minutes 23s behind)

    Plus you waste so much space with the description of what KOM is. I already know what KOM is, show me some relevant information instead of a waste of space.

    I used to normally mostly use the browser to analyze my ride, but sometimes I wanted to quickly check my ride directly after a ride say in the car or at the pub, but this update makes my quick check much slower, so I'll just skip it and only use the browser version.

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  • A friend of mine has the same screen on their phone as Maxime as above but I can still see all the leader boards on my phone. Are there different versions of the app?? We both have the latest updates from the Apple App Store.

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  • I think that the difference is if you are a paying subscriber vs free. Leaderboard features (for subscribers) are described here:

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  • Recently, CR - Course Record - got merged with XOM, even for flat segments. It looks like a mistake, as X 'of the mountain' is incorrect if there is no mountain. Course record is a universal term so if it has to be a single term, then take that one.

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  • No top 10 history overall.

    For instance 

    5 x top 3

    1 x top 2

    7 x top 8

    1 x top 10

    Only Koms & CR in the overview

    Can Strava add the Top 2 to 10 🏆?




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  • Million dollar idea for a new competition statistic: Kinetic Energy

    Problem (for runners): All competitive running is measured based on time alone, which privileges tiny runners. This is discriminatory toward larger bodied individuals. Attempts to make bigger people feel included in the sport - such as the creation of "Clydesdale" divisions - really just segregate bigger people into an inferior and socially stigmatized subcategory, still based on time alone. This discourages participation from larger people, leading to negative health outcomes.

    Problem (for Strava): You will quickly run out of new subscribers if you only appeal to semi-pro runner types. For long term growth, you need to attract people of all sizes and abilities.

    Solution: The creation of a new competition statistic (NOT a wellness or training statistic) that measures the average kinetic energy of a runner over a specific running segment. A second statistic, which adjusts kinetic energy based on BMI (a measure of "kinetic energy density"), is also possible. Since kinetic energy is a statistic based on both speed and weight, it can give credit to (and encourage motivation in) larger runners.

    Basic Newtonian physics defines kinetic energy (KE) as 1/2 mass times velocity squared (KE = 1/2mv^2). Since Strava segments are spatially established, KE can be calculated for every runner on every Strava segment simply using Strava's existing segment time data (velocity = average speed on a segment) along with runner weights (mass = weight). Strava possesses the data right now to establish KE as a third leaderboard stat (along with fastest time and local legends) on every running segment.

    A fourth leaderboard stat, kinetic energy density (KED) or "bulbosity", can also be derived by starting with body mass index calculations, which is simply mass divided by height squared. Here, KED would be calculated by simply dividing existing KE by height squared, since mass is already included as a main factor in KE (KED = KE/h^2). This can also be calculated immediately using Strava's existing data.

    My personal experience as a Clydesdale champion should be highly instructive for Strava. I am a 250 pound, 5'11" runner who defies expectations by finishing generally in the top 25% of most segments by time (and I am #1 in my weight class on every segment I've ever run). Yet most normal runners do not think I am a runner, or that I belong at racing events (often people assume I'm a t-shirt table volunteer) - which, at times, has discouraged me from participation. I started calculating my KE stats for specific segments (on a track, on flat pavement, on hilly dirt, etc.) and found that, for longer, tougher segments, I am sometimes #1 on a hypothetical KE leaderboard (calculated by comparing my KE to the KOM on a segment, using the median value in their weight class as an approximation of their weight). Plus, since my KE would be the same as another taller runner with identical time and weight, but with 6 more inches of height and stride length, KED calculations correct for body shape - and even more often elevate me as #1. If Strava included KE and KED as competition measures, I would be more excited and motivated, and I have some big boy friends who would be as well.

    If you want to see these stats in practice, check out some of my strava posts over the past few months in which I calculated KE compared to the KOM in the description section. These little experiments proved to me that not only does KE allow me to actually compete for top spots in a leaderboard, but the stat itself produces leaderboards with a lot of movement - for example, just a few more pounds (at the same average segment time) would elevate me to a higher position, while a KOM time that improves by only a few seconds would elevate their position. It allows real competition between different sized runners, which is motivating, fun, and a new thing for runners to think about.

    Strava recently removed the ability to see other users' weight classes, so I can no longer calculate approximate KE for my runs. So I strongly encourage Strava to add these stats ASAP! 

    When these stats are added, encouraging rapid growth in Strava users and better health outcomes for plus sized individuals, I hope you will at least cite me - and consider signing me as the world's first sponsored kinetic energy athlete!



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  • i find it frustrating when i get a PB on a 5k, 10k, half etc. that there is no way of seeing what your previous PR is. Think it would be a a good addition if you have personal a leaderboard for your PB's, even if it is only a top 3. 

    Also a yesterday tab on the segment page would be great look back at a full days attempts instead of having to stay up until midnight to see where you finished.  

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  • Under the “My Stats” on our profile the only options shown are for running, swimming and cycling. Not everybody is a triathlete!

    Could you change the activity tabs shown on our profiles to be selectable in our preferences ?  I cycle and walk and would love to see my walking statistics shown instead of all zeroes on the swim and run tabs ! 

    And  what about all the disabled athletes ? I am sure they would like an option of having wheelchair activities shown ? I am sure you guys at Strava are PC enough not to discriminate against them 😀


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  • I came here just to comment on how terrible the new mobile version segment screen is, as Maxime Peloquin states above.  It places a huge hurdle to what I think is the most social aspect of Strava.  

    Previously you could click a segment and see rankings of where you stood all time, for that day, year, within clubs, etc.  It was all in one place once you clicked a segment.  It is very common for people to see they are #2 or whatever for a day, and then look into and then follow whoever was #1.  People meet new riders of similar ability in their area that way.  Knowing your ranking drives competition to do better on segments.

    With the new screen, that information is several clicks away, meaning nobody will ever go to it.  You now have to purposefully seek out your rankings on a segment.  Isn't that what Strava was built on?  It's so cumbersome to see where we placed, who else rode it, how close you are to KOM or top 10 that the segments are hardly worth looking at in this format.

    Bring back the old segment interface!

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  • YeaH!, you did it!.  puting the daily numbers on the main page of the mobile app is a big correction, vs multiple screens deep.  thank you.


    A top reason I use Strava is to see who was out today and how they did.   The recent change to the mobile UI where its now several clicks to see, for each segment, "Today's results" is a complete pain in the butt.  Takes the fun out of checking in on friends, if its not fun, I stop doing it, If I stop doing it I stop subscribing to Strava.  

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  • Hi - I run the strava club CphVertical and would like to change the order of the metrics in the leaderboard, making elevation gain, not distance, the primary metric. How can I do that?



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  • Hi,

    The new segment detail page is, in my view, not an improvement.

    First of all the "today" top list is missing or I'm not abel to find it on the mobile app. Since I'm commuting a lot, I do know who else is riding the same streets as I do everyday. And to beat those other communters or to be beaten by them is highly addictive. Honestly this informations keeps me motivated to push a little more which is great.  But now I have an extra button to push to not find this information and I can't even tell what's the benefit of this. Also the top 10 list for me is the intresting information and seeing where I stand (over-all, this year and today).

    Please revert this unnecessary change to the old segment information setup.

    If you want to change something ...

    Please add a history to the 10 km run/100 km ride (etc.) page! I would like to see if my speed of the 10km run improved or not and how it changed over the course of time.

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  • For Virtual sessions on Zwift it would be nice to filter out the obvious weight dopers. There are multiple climb and sprint  KOMs held by people putting out much lower wattages than everyone else along with low heart rate.


    For example -  - Current KOM is putting out 146 watts with second place looking like Chris Hoy at 1900watts


    Can you put in some logic for when someone gets a KOM that it looks at the watts per kilo and makes sure it is sensible compared to the rest of the top 10 in the table. We may have outliers who can appeal the flagging of the activity but then they will be able to explain that they are a pro cyclist returning from a degenerative bowel disease which has dropped their weight to 30 kilos.



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    Hello Strava
    I have been on Strava since 2013 and always had the ambition and motivation to drive segments on KOM, which I managed very often and I am still represented in the best lists today. Only as a 48-year-old racing cyclist does it become more and more difficult to attack KOM and bring back lost KOMs. My suggestion would be to enable the older generations to have an age COM list using perhaps other colors or separate lists. That would certainly stimulate the older generation to train and bring back the lost age COM. In this way, men / women outside the young elite would be able to drive fast in their age group! Please consider this suggestion. That would surely please the older ones worldwide!
    Thank you greetings Andreas Miller
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  • For sure there are many more reasons but for example after: physical recovery, family expansion or situation, travel, work, etc. it would be great to be able to “reset” your overall PR without losing it and to get PR notifications after each ride and to be able to set segment goals. Perhaps as of a certain date or perhaps per year independent from the “overall” PR.



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  • As of November 4th 2020, you are now able to view your Running Estimated Best Efforts and All-Time PRs on the Mobile app!

    To view your Estimated Best Efforts and All-Time PRs: 

    - Update the app to the latest version (175) 
    - Go to your Profile in the app
    - Scroll down and tap Statistics 
    - Make sure you're in the running section by selecting the Shoe icon at the top of the page. 

    Click here for more information about Estimated Best Efforts and All-Time PRs. 

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  • I would like to be able to see "heat map" for hiking/walking exercises, as at this is a main sport for me and I don't see platforms properly supporting it in consolidated way.

    I understand that Strava whants to specialize on biking and running but there is an opportunity to offer more about hiking. When hiking in the mountains at >500m ascend per hour, it is definitely intesnse exercise and it deserves to have a sport platform. I am under the impression that Strava would be in position to support it quite easily based on the features already implemented for running: it is mostly a matter of applying the same routines on a different subset of data.

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  • Thank you Dennis, now please upgrade the CLUBS options/features/possibilities  drastically!! We all desperately need them these days.

    A BIG THANK YOU from all Strava users.



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  • Barry Gray I try to explaining about virtual KOM´s with unrealistic low or high power:

    1. Zwift speed glitch (happens by accident - you speed up to 100km/h or more...)

    2. meet up´s (with "keep all together" function activated)
    you only need one rider suffering a speed glitch or unrealic high power numbers (see 4.) to speed up the hole group and showing all participents high in Segment rankings.

    3. group workouts (with "keep all together" function activated) - same as 2.

    4. inaccurate setup showing 1200W or 2000W by accident (depending on model)
    even zwift´s alert triangle and breaking due to "cone" is not sufficient to avoid those people taking several segments.

    5. Zpower (estimating poweroutput by speed/cadence sensor -> higher cadence gives you unrealistic power output) (compare cadence with power graph)

    Those 5 reasons happens mostly by accident, but of course some peoble use it with intention, same as weight or hight settings... 

    As zwift unfortunatly shows no interest in slowing those errors down, it would need some automated tool by strava to solve the issue with segment rankings full of unrealistic efforts. So what still exists for outdoor cycling whould be needed for virtual cycling even more.

    Another (and general) topic is the handling with flagging virutal activities:
    There are so many activities who where flagged by the community multiple times, but were resolved by strava support which makes it impossible to flag them again. This issue upsets a lot of users like you can see on innumerable comments and negative feedback out of the communty.

    Would be easy to resolve, but would need strava to take action - let´s hope strava will help their image by improving transperency in virtual activities, too!

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  • Why do Clubs only count Total time for swim, ride and run?

    Red Bull X-Alps has created a Club on Strava, and some of the best athletes in the world aren't listed in the top-10 because they use "Hike" as their primary activity designation. In winter many of them will also do lots of Cross Country Skiing etc.

    You have columns for Swim, Ride and Run, why don't you use all activities for the Total tally? Or, alternatively, allow Club administrators to select activities, which are important for the Club. Swim, for example, is definitely not useful in the Red Bull X-Alps Club.

    Thank you!

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  • Please create a separate category for eBikes as QOMs and KOMs are falling like mad to eBikes.  Here is an example of a casual rider who has suddenly taken numerous QOMs.   Suggestion:  Require all registered bikes to select eBike / non-eBike.   This way ordinary cyclists can still achieve records overall and by age and gender.   Thanks!  

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  • on the segment leader board, particularly on the 'today' leader board it would be cool if along with the date you put the time of day.   there are days when winds change significantly and the morning riders have a much different experience than the afternoon riders had on the same segment on the same day. 

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  • Tim Dick - There already is a separate category and leaderboards for e-bikes.  The e-bike users just need to select is just like others select "ride" or "run", they need to select "e-bike".  They have their own set of segments and leaderboards.  If you can, remind those people that they should be labeling their rides as e-bike rides.  You can also "flag" their ride and mark it as "wrong activity type".

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