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  • Comentário oficial

    Thank you to all who contributed in these discussions over the years. We’ve appreciated your commitment and passion for Strava and have taken note of the trends and sentiment you’ve shared. As of today (August 4th, 2022), we are closing these Community Discussions down for comments and redirecting all feedback and ideas to an exciting new home. Come join us in our Community Hub and tell us what you think. Learn more about the change here.

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  • Canicross
    The canicross sport is growing throughout the UK and Europe and parts of America.
    A lot of work has been undertaken in growing this sport and it would be great to see this as an activity that could be recorded in its own right.
    It would also benefit runners who do not have the assistance of a dog (who sometimes provides a faster pace).

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  • Hide Zwift from Feed

    Ich wünsche mir die Möglichkeit Zwift (und andere Virtuelle Aktivitäten) in meinem Strava Feed zu verecken.

    This feature would finally allow me to see the activities that really interest me.

    This is important for me because my feed is or was flooded by virtual activities. I find this unacceptable, since "real" activities are lost in the flood of "plastic miles".

    Currently I am solving the problem by unfollowing all users who post Zwift-rides. But this is probably not really in your sense and the idea of a social network.

    I would be totally happy if this would be a feature that I have to pay for and would defentily resubscribe to payed membership.

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  • I would like for the current day's date to show on the activity summary screen on the Strava app instead of it saying “Today”.

    When you run virtual races (which there have been a lot of virtual races this year) you need to document that you ran the distance and duration on a specific date – this can be done by taking a screenshot of any of a variety of tracking devices. The problem is that the current summary screen on Strava shows distance, pace, moving time (duration), and elevation but at the top, it says “Today” instead of the current date. Two days later (after it has cycled through “yesterday”) it will show the date but often these screenshots need to be submitted the day of the event.

    Right now, this can be accomplished by going onto the Strava website, however, this is rather inconvenient, especially when the website then tries to get you to use the app more.

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  • I wish there were a way to have my running shoes (the only shoes I've entered in gear) only be defaulted as the gear used for running instead of running, walking, and hiking as well because I don't walk in my running shoes nor do I hike in my running shoes. Other than creating a dummy pair of shoes in my gear, there is no way to not have the miles traveled during hiking or walking to count towards the mile count of my running shoes, which falsely inflates the shoe mileage. A similar issue lies with bikes. Sometimes I may ride a friend's bike; however, I have no desire to enter their bike into my gear just for a single ride, which, without the ability to turn off gear for that ride forces me to falsely inflate the mileage ridden on my bike that I've entered into my gear. The simplest solution as far as I can think of would be to allow the user to choose a "None" or "N/a" option as the gear for a specific activity in addition to any gear that has been entered into their profile. Considering the fact that the gear was left empty in my activities before I had added any gear into my Strava profile, I'm assuming there's already a "None" option, it just is not accessible to the end user. If this option could be made available as an alternative to entered in gear, it would solve the bike and the running shoe issues. A more complicated solution to fix just the running shoe issue would be to allow the user to tie gear to specific activities, because I could see that some people would run and walk in the same shoes (I personally don't).

    TL;DR: I would like there to be a "None" or "N/a" option to enter as the gear for recorded activity so I don't falsely inflate mileage counts on gear if I happened to not use that gear for that activity.

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  • Let's discuss segment discovery. The existing mechanism for returning only 10 most popular segments for any area makes it nearly impossible to see many interesting segments, especially longer ones. If one zooms out, the area includes more short segments that are much more likely to be matched on a greater number of activities and thus are more popular. That obscures longer segments. But zooming in results in not fitting both ends of longer segments so they won't show up either. So practically you'd never see most longer segment no matter how much you try, even if you know they are there.

    Just to clarify, by longer segments I mean segments that take an hour or longer to finish. For example, there is a very interesting 18 mile loop segment in my area. Despite many runners regularly running on trails that that segment consists of there are only 3 people on the segment leaderboard - you have know know about the segment and start and finish in a specific pointing order to match it. There are many segments like that that I learned about only by accident by seeing them on other people's Strava activities with zero chance of finding those in the explorer. 

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  • Make Rowing More Than An Afterthought With These Easy Changes

    As a colligate rower, I am connected with a ton of other rowing athletes who use Strava to track their progress and keep each other motivated through individual training over the pandemic. Here are the top 3 changes that would attract the largely untapped rowing market and make this app so much more useful for rowers in general.

    Change #1

    Allow for a rowing tab on your profile!!!!!!! This is the most important change, why is it that the app assumes everyone is a tri-athlete and other sports are afterthoughts? Simply allow for these tabs to be customizable so we can change one of the three tabs to rowing or to any of the categories of workouts available when logging. I would love to see how many meters I am doing on the water week to week.

    Change #2

    Allow for a distinction between indoor Rower and Rowing as I log both in the same category. For the Concept2 indoor rower and the rowing SpeedCoach files, I upload they should not be tallied all to the same category. That being said you can also remove elevation from anything marked as a Rowing or Indoor Rowing workout, as logging elevation on the water is just silly.

    Change #3

    Correct the "average pace" for Concept2 Ergometer interval pieces that are uploaded through the ErgData app. The average pace on Strava includes rest time and rest meters where the monitor picture generated by connecting the program shows the true average at the top of the screen. You can look at my recent workout as an example, the true average was 1:53/500m and it was recorded as 2:09 /500m including the 9 total minutes of rest in my average. Also, note my "friend" making fun of me in the comments for my poor incorrect average pace. How rude.

    Change #4

    STROKE RATE! There are four most important metrics for rowers to know about their workouts: Time, Distance, Pace (in /500m), all of which you have, and strokes per minute (SPM). You record stroke rate but average SPM should be on the Dashboard page the way elevation gain is for biking.

    If all of these changes were made Strava would EASILY dominate the rowing world for keeping teams all connected in their training in the offseason and it would take VERY LITTLE effort to implement these changes. I would love to see it happen.

    Aidan Lee

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  • I am interested in Searching my old activities by part of the name or location.

    This allows me not to have to scroll down through past activities to find a route or activity wich might be 2 /3 years old. Also, on some one you follow.


    Take the opportunity to ask to restore the Flyby function, wich allowed to look up for friends - and confirm -wich you cross during the activity; or other group ride members wich you did not ask them their account name .

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  • Definitely need a 'suggested feature' thread.

    I'd like to see a breakdown of my run in standard distances 1k, 5k, 10k, 20k, 1mile, Half-Marthon, Marathon etc, for every run. You currently only see those breakdowns if you get a new PB or 2nd/3rd fastest. 

    I'm also gutted that Flyby seems to have vanished this past week, I used to love watching it.

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  • Another suggestion to provide motivation for older athletes who can’t easily compete for the overall KOM / QOM would be to introduce age group ‘gongs’.i.e. overall leader and top ten in each age group.

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  • I'd like to see a post about issues with segments in general.

    Two issues which were brought up repeatedly in the previous forum:

    1) "Segment search" is essentially useless; you get results from all over the world with the name you're looking for. You might as well get rid of it if it's going to stay in present form for much longer.

    2) "Segment explore" is great but limited to bike and run which makes Strava much less useful for other activities (e.g., hiking, nordic skiing, inline skating) than it could be.  

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  • I would love a post for suggestions; in particular my suggestion relates to supported activity types on Strava. 

    I am a downhill/commuting longboarder, and would love "Skate" as an option (quite distinct from inline or ice skating).

    It's important to me because I love my sport, and I think it would be great to connect with other skaters, because they would then be differentiated from other athletes (I currently am registered as a cyclist). 

    I think it would make it easier for other longboarders to identify new routes as well - many cycling routes are inappropriate/not ideal for skating on, and so if the category of "skate" was differentiated, it would make it far easier to discern routes and discover new places to go, which is always the goal! 

    I really like Strava nonetheless, and I realise this is a niche request so it may not be reasonably actionable. 

    Thank you!

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  • Please add a filter for boat types for rowing

    For rowing it would be very useful if a boat type can be selected. For comparison on segments the boat type makes a huge difference. For example an 8- is (or should be ;-)) always faster than a skiff (1x). So results on a segment are not comparable at the moment. And if you once rowed a segment in a 8x you will never improve your result by rowing in a skiff, this is quite frustrating if you really train hard in a skiff.  If we could select 1x / 2x / 4x / 8x / 2- / 4- or 8- we can track our results per boat and thus by team. 

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  •  I would like to see  "Onewheel" as a "sport type"  Currently Onewheel riders across America are setting up segments designated as "Ice Skating" and that is less than desirable for our community and also skews the Ice Skating category. The reason that is important is that we would like to track our rides against other Onewheel riders. The Onewheel community is starting race leagues using segments and Strava is in competition to be the main recommended software to unite the communities across the world....As the leader for the largest Onewheel community in Arizona, I currently have been using Ride w GPS ( better club features ), but ultimately will be recommending the app that includes Onewheel as an important and growing community. I would also recommend adding EUCs ( Electric Unicycles ) as well as the e-rideables community is growing fast. Thank you and Kind regards!

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  • Video for Activity 

    I don't know where to post but i would like to see the option of adding videos to my activity posts. Maybe restricted to 60 seconds similar to instagram.

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  • A listing of Canicross as a sport would be fantastic. When listing as a ‘run’ the speeds gained through Canicross often distort the stats for unaided runners. Canicross is a rapidly growing sport which should now have its own category.

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  • Adding Dog Sport Category for those who do dog powered sports such as dryland Canicross, Bikejoring, Scooter, Rig.

    I want to see this option added to the activities able to be selected. It will allow me to do my sport in its correct category as opposed to selecting the usual ones of Trail Running or Mountain Biking. The reason that is important is because of skewed times and results due to the dog assisting dog sport enthusiasts on this app, an example of when we needed that was the activities being flagged and times deleted by others on segments of trail - they know we have dogs assisting us and see it as cheating. This is not okay because we deserve to have our times recorded and identified in their own category, as not to skew results or bother actual trail runners and mountain bikers with their KOM results etcetera.

    This is important to me as the South Australian Representative to The Australian Sleddog Sports Association, I am passionate about advocating for this sport here and globally. It is not going anywhere as the weather destabilizes, the dryland activities such as running and biking with dogs increases in popularity compared to snow and sled races... we wish for recognition and understanding from the other activities and athletes in those communities as not to erase our results for being skewed or cheated.

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  • As a user I wish to be able to tag my rides as either Group OR Individual Rides, and to see my performance / times segmented by individual efforts or Group efforts.

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  • I'd like to see the ability to filter my training activities by "gear".

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  • Somewhat similar to Marius Flugsrud's suggestion, but a bit simpler.
    It would be great if you created an *efficiency metric that would be based on the ratio of pace over the HR level.* This would help to show the relative improvements from an activity (running, biking or any other) for a given HR intensity.
    This would be great for those who are doing low HR training, or building endurance.

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  • Strava, please don't add any of the new activity types that are being requested, horse riding, skateboarding, basket weaving, etc. until you provide a filter in activity feed so that we can decide and select the activity types we want to see. My activity feed gets swamped with weight training, yoga, walking etc. and I'm only interested in seeing cycling.

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  • a Post that relates to Recording / Layout

    A Feature I'm missing: Custom Layouts (Subscriber only, for all I care)

    It will allow me to use my phone as a cycling computer. It is an important feature, because people want to be shown different stats, depending on their riding style and goal for the day. Somebody might just want to see the current time and total mileage, while someone else prefers a screen with just cadence and power.

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  • I would like a 'hide virtual rides' button on my activities feed from all riders please.

    I am not interested in them, never look at them, don't ever want to do virtual rides or read about other's.


    For a bit of fun see

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  • Flag my bike as an ebike

    I would like the ability to flag a bike as an ebike, then whenever I record a ride using that ebike the activity type would default to Ebike Ride. This would save people from having to manually amend the ride type, or potentially forgetting and accidentally recording Ebike Rides as regular Rides.

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  • I don't fully understand why Strava allows activities like walking and hiking to be captured, but doesn't include them in any statistics, like "My Stats" in the My Profile. They're all lumped together in the "Last 4 Weeks" graph which is pretty much useless if "other activities" includes more than 1 activity. It seems like what's needed is a setting to let the user pick the activities they engage in. Then this radio button list could include those selections:

    I've used Strava for cycling for years and it's great. But for hiking and walking it's not. It's a shame because all I want are the same statistics I get for cycling. The Training Log works for weekly totals, but that's it.

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  • Relative Effort based on Heart Rate AND / OR Perceived Exertion

    I want to be able to set Relative Effort to be based on BOTH Heart Rate AND Perceived Exertion, not just one of them. I think that both things are important when measuring Relative Effort, as high heart rate doesn’t always mean hard effort, it could just as much mean that you may be stressed or have a higher heart rate for other reasons, just as you a low high rate doesn’t necessarily mean that you haven’t performed a max effort.

    Relative Effort should be measured by both of them, or we should at the very least be able to have it be measured by both, as it can give more accurate data of our activities as we get a wider picture of our performance.

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  • Please implement filter options for the phone/website Strava feeds. I want more control of what I see on my feed.

    There should be an option to filter a preferred subset of activity types: Ride, Run, Walk, Hike etc. Personally I want an option to filter out 'Virtual Rides' as I am primarily interested in outdoor activities -- other users will have different preferences.

    A second level improvement would be the option to filter by distance or time so only significant activities can be seen.

    Finally I would like the option to filter out Challenge, Join a Club, Suggested Athletes notifications.

    By offering filters such as these it will provide users more bandwidth to follow more athletes, better target feedback and enhance the social experience.

    These filters cannot be difficult to create. They have been requested many times in the old forums. Perhaps make it a premium feature as an incentive to sign-up.

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  • DARK MODE please!


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  • Adding Canicross in Strava would be great 🦮🏃🏼‍♀️🐾👍🏻

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  • I'm not sure if anyone has suggested this before, but I thought it would be helpful to be able to define waypoints in more detail when building routes. For instance, when building a cycling route it would be helpful to label where you can find potable water, a cafe stop, a sketchy river crossing, a place to buy snacks, etc. 


    Just a thought.



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