Satellite map for segment explore disabled

why is the satellite option gone in the segment explorer? Satellite view is really important to use when findin new trails or segment. Some segments does'nt even show up?

And when creating a new segment, there you have the satellite map enabled...It does'nt make any sense...


Just enable the satellite map in the segment explorer please!




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    Hi Mattias, 

    This change was likely due to the ongoing transition away from Google Maps and instead using Mapbox powered by OSM. I think the satellite layer on the segment explore was from Google. 

    Nevertheless, it is possible to add it back with OSM so I will add this to our list. Thanks. 

  • When you're entering the segment explorer with your cellphone or on the PC there is no Satellite map! Only when you're creating a segment or comparing effort on the segment.

    I wonder why this have not been changed?

  • Just noticed a few weeks ago that ALL of the running segments in our local area have disappeared from the Segment Explore map. Is anybody else having an issue with this? If I zoom out, then I start to get some further away ones. The ones on my starred segments I can still look up results that way, but they no longer appear on the local map. Always looking for changes in leaderboards in the area, even on segments I don't normally run, but probably will in the future. Are these segments being phased out? That would be a bummer. It is one of the bigger reasons I use Strava.

  • Paul, please see the recent update in this post

  • Elle - There is nothing in that thread that explains why the Segment Explorer and Segment Search no longer works.  You need to actually explain why you have disabled functions like that rather than just blame it on your heat map issue.  It has nothing to do with popularity of segments since whole areas are blank when looking at the explorer even though there are tons over very popular segments.  Please give us an actual explanation or you will continue to lose more and more customers.

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