New Strava app for Apple Watch to support Series 2+

We are excited to release an updated Strava app which supports standalone recording using the built-in GPS of the Apple Watch Series 2+. 

Please note: To support the GPS in the Apple Watch Series 2+, we redesigned the app to work separately from the phone. Even if your watch still connects to the GPS from your phone, the app functions independently on the watch.

If you're experiencing technical troubles installing, recording, or syncing Apple Watch activities, please contact us directly by submitting a ticket at the bottom of this post. 

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  • hi elle - 

    my gps enabled apple watch has ceased uploading strava to my phone app.  i make sure i save the workout, and i am connected to the phone ... but no uploads.  can  you assist?


  • @Warren Thayer.  Like others have in this tread, I would strongly recommend switching to abvio cyclemeter to get a watch app that works reliably and provides realtime data to the watch while running on your phone.  The app can be configured to auto upload your ride to strava (and/or other sites) after finished.  BTW cyclemeter tech support is very responsive.  I switched this past spring and have not run strava on my watch since then. It is what Strava for the watch might have been.

  • Dear Elle and the rest of the Strava Team,


    Due to your inability to listen to your paying customers, I have left Strava as a premium user. It is funny how much negative feedback the implementation of the apple watch app has received without actually resolving any of the issues that matter. All because 12 months ago you went gun ho without actually asking your customers what they wanted.

    Ps. I have facebook / instagram / snapchat / you name it to post on strava. It isn't a social media platform, no matter how much you want it to be so you can drum up advertising revenue.

    happy to discuss at any time



  • once again, i write to express my disappointment on the app.

    it has been 3 rides that strava whether on apple watch or on the iphone stops recording for no reason. 

    After i finish my ride i try to upload it just to realize there was no recording at all.

  • Can anyone recommend an activity app that actually works with Apple Watch? I've been using Runkeeper for the last year but it has now become unusable as you can't start it from the watch and if you start it on the phone as well you get two runs recorded. Shame as it was working perfectly until a recent iOS upgrade.

    Tried Runtastic for the nth time but doesn't even start. Nothing.

    Anyone used Runmeter recently?


  • Same here, I've given up on Strava now and moved to using the native iOS app and sync'ing with RunGap.

    Amazed that Strava are just ignoring this app and have left us with a crippled version that works worse than the original did :(

  • @Colin Smith

    I have been using Runkeeper and starting my runs from the watch. At some point mine was doing the same thing you are describing. It could have been an update to the app or getting a new phone, they both happened at the same time for me when it started failing. I removed the watch app, the phone app then rebooted. Once the phone was back up I did a fresh install of runkeeper for both and everything is working perfectly again. I have my audio cues, live tracker, and both the watch and phone are in sync when viewing the current run. I even took my watch off mid run and when I put it back on it resumed the run on the screen without me doing anything but opening the app. 

  • @Colin some guys here mentioned cyclemeter, i have not tried it but the hmi looks go. MIght give i try.

  • +1 for the setup @johnbaxendale suggests. No problems using the native app plus RunGap to sync to Strava for analytics etc. The other logging option you could look at is Tempo.

  • Is it possible to use the heart rate on your Apple Watch for the Strava phone app. Reason being I like using my phone app when I’m on the bicycle so I can use the Beacon but I can’t seem to capture the heart rate from the watch. Is this something I need to do or is it impossible to do?

  • @jonathan clark yes I did that last week, but do you get a gps map after your run? I used to, if I had my phone with me, now it just acts as if the phone isn't there and says "Tracked with Apple Watch" (the great thing about Runkeeper was that you could chose to run with or without your phone, even with a non-gps watch).

  • @colin yes, my GPS route shows up. I can easily tell if it is working because I use the audio cues that only show up if the watch and phone are connected properly. Do you use audio cues?

  • the application of the apple watch is fantastic just to miss that the apple watch can be used to track a route that you have created in Strava or has downloaded it. I think people would pay for these services. Do you have it in mind?

  • Could you add a lap option in the apple watch app? It would also be great to have an option to keep the display on through the whole workout.

  • Please re-tether the Apple Watch to the iPhone, or at least give the option to the user. 

  • How about an option to auto-select Run vs Bike?

  • @Rick - I’ve been using the App iSmoothRun for the last few months. This allows to use either the watch or Phone GPS. It then auto posts to Strava with other info like the weather and cadence. It’s a really great App and means you don’t have to use the basic Strava App at all. I find for running the phone GPS is far more accurate.

  • I am really upset that I just spent all of the time importing my hundreds of runs from Runkeeper, only to discover that the Strava app for Apple Watch is untethered.  The most important features of a running app for a watch are (1) being able to stop/stop the run from the watch (2) being able to get visual feedback about the progress of the run on the watch and (3) still getting regular audio cues through my headphones.  With your app, I have to choose between 1+2 or 3.  At least when Runkeeper is theoretically working correctly, I can do all 3 at once.

    Basically it seems that you've decided to make your app only for the few people people who have AW2, connect to AW2 with wireless headphones, and run without their phone.

    I guess I'm going back to Runkeeper.  If you ever offer a tethered option, I'd love to come back, since your data handling is way better than Runkeeper.

  • Recently purchased the Apple Watch 3 and continue to carry my iPhone on runs and rides. Only feature I'd ask for -- one which I've seen repeated by multiple other users on this thread -- is the ability to use the watch and phone simultaneously during workouts. Since I have my phone on me, the main (essentially only) feature I'd like to use my watch for is capturing heart rate during the workout. 

  • It would be nice if users had more than one training face to choose from on the watch when in an activity. I would love a training view showing what heart rate zone I am in at the moment. And possibility to lock heart rate zone.

  • Has anyone here had trouble getting the heart rate to show up in an AW3? All I get is the heart shape redrawing itself (I’m sure you know what I mean). I’ve checked everything and tried everything I can think of and google. Any magic fixes?

  • I would _love_ to see Beacon come to the LTE Apple Watch standalone, so that I can go on a run without the phone and still keep my wife updated on location.

  • @John
    Yes, have the same problem on AW2. No heartrates in Strava, although AW is logging the heartrate in Health and Activities App.

  • Hi all,

    I have a solution to the "no heart rate" issue with the Apple Watch 3 (and presumably 2). This worked for me and several others. Thanks to CS Tan and the Strava Support team:

    1. Uninstall and then reinstall both watch and iPhone strava app (remember to keep the data).

    2. Using your iPhone Strava app, pair the watch app to the iPhone app (more -> applications, series, and devices -> Connect a new device to Strava -> Apple Watch). Authorise (click on)

         a - Location Services

         b - Code of Conduct

         c - Motion & Fitness

         d - Turn on Notifications

         e - DO NOT AUTHORISE "Sync with Health".

    3. Start the Strava watch app and start a run. You'll see the HR icon greyed out. Tap on this grey HR icon and the watch will display a message asking to enable HEALTH permissions. Now check on your phone and there should be a pop-up regarding this. Follow the setting prompts and complete the HEALTH permission link.

    The heart rate should now appear, and will appear for all future recordings.

    Hope this helps,


  • I use Strava standalone app on my Apple Watch to record all my running sessions. I've tested NRC and Exercice but Strava is the most reliable and accurate, except for pace of last split which is scatty every time a new split starts. Why not display pace of, lets say, last 500 m of 1/2 mile? Audio feedback is very usefull since v20.0.0, but how to manage the volume? Haptic feedback would be also very appreciated when audio cues are toggled off...

  • @Ed Adler,
    Did you try the solution I posted above?

  • Strava tech support doesn’t care about this thread. But I wonder what the CEO would say. I’ve looked for his email withou any luck. You would think a tech company would have an easily accessible email directory; but no! The only way to get this fixed will be to point out the huge dissatisfaction in his thread and the lack of response by a team that just doesn’t have this as a priority.

    I mean good lord, how hard would it be to create a second AW app for live monitoring of heart rate and to interact with the phone. Oh wait, it already exists. This doesn’t take a genius to figure out how to make us happy.

  • @ John
    Yes it did work for me. I got this workaround from Strava Support.

  • @kazys you can probably contact him on Instagram where he is taking ‘unfiltered’ selfies for his Strava feed features that nobody wants....

  • How do I add swim
    As a sport option on my Apple Watch strava app?

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