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Turn By Turn Notifications For Wahoo Bolt


Been reading up on the Wahoo Bolt GPS unit and it was mentioned that using the Strava route builder does not allow for the Wahoo Bolt to offer TBT directions, however, using alternative websites like RidewithGPS or Kamoot does. Will this ever be looked into?

I much prefer the simple Strava route builder interface, and this is something of importance to me. 



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    We've also received feedback on turn-by-turn notifications for the Strava mobile app and for Garmin devices. We'll do our best to consider adding this request in 2018, but at this time the work is not planned. 

  • +1000 votes here.  It is indeed embarrassing that the more social platform and where professionals are now going does not work with the latest GPS device out there.


  • Hey Michael,

    i'm using the bolt since about 6 weeks and i stumpled at the missing turn by turn navigation feature with strava routes. i moved from creating a route in google maps to the strava route builder because of the heat maps. but since the wahoo elemnt bolt i moved to kommot to build my navigation routes (more features on the road surface etc.). i've checked both xml files and there is just one main difference. the strava route is missing a timestamp.


    <trkpt lat="50.97908" lon="11.005830000000001">


    <trkpt lat="50.97908270526188" lon="11.005839045962102">

    Dont know if this is the missing key. I will write a script for myself to add a custom time into a strava route. Maybe it's a short step to a solution.

  • +1 for turn-by-turn data sync to Wahoo Bolt. Why are you forcing us to use RideWithGPS, which totally sucks, when you can provide the feature and use it as a moat for user retention? Right now, not only do I have to export a Strava route, I have to re-draw it in RideByGPS to get turn-by-turn navigation. That is ridiculous!

  • +1 especially because the route planner already includes a cue sheet -- Otherwise the only option is to use either RideWithGps or Komoot.

  • What he said please.

  • RideGPS is better then Strava. Turn by Turn in RideGPS. Heart rate along your path. I will not be renew my subscription  to Strava next year if they are not smart enough to provide.

  • Same here.

    I just started using the Wahoo Bolt now that I'm going on longer and longer routes and my smartphone is no longer viable option without carrying a hazardous battery pack.  Although it baffles me as to why the Strava App doesn't have Turn by Turn already.

    The Strava Route builder is still, technically, in beta and needs to have POI and custom notifications added.  When planning a route it's helpful to point out hazards, water points, planned stops etc. etc. that simple mapping software typically doesn't offer.  I don't think Ride with GPS even syncs over POI info (correct me if I'm wrong, still a noob to the bolt but it didn't work with the last ride I tried.  Do I need an upgraded account?).

    When Strava has those things I hope they ensure that they upload to Wahoo and Garmin.

  • +1 for the TBT cues for Wahoo devices - would make the setup perfect. 

  • Yes, can we fix this please? Very annoying but hopefully shouldn't be too hard to fix. Seems like an export problem when syncing routes to the device.

  • Another supporter here...anyone from strava care to comment?

  • I've been emailing Strava and Wahoo people last month.  Sadly right now it doesn't look like a 'partnership' exists to solve this.  There is some blame going on in quality of TBT versus priorities, etc.  I've given up thinking this will work anytime soon (where soon == a year)

  • Same as of the above, I like creating routes with strava to see where the segments and heat maps are and find the hills, don't make me use another service, the data is already in there in strava... if ride with gps can keep this data when it's spat across to the unit, why can't strava? PLEASE ADDRESS THIS.

  • fyi: https://youtu.be/S-fDdKs9C0Q

    Someone suggested dropping the GPX file onto the Bolt, but it's no good if the auto synch gives you routes with no turn-by-turn...

    @Tim Heuer - I think you're right.


    Please sort TBT in strava i'm having to use both which is a pain in the backside

  • Same here.

  • We really need this. Badly.

  • All - I'm guessing this issue is political rather than technical (in the sense that politics and partnerships influence prioritization of the dev roadmap) so we just have to wait patiently!

    I recommend Komoot in the interim.  It is simple to use, syncs with Wahoo and doesn't cost anything for one region.

  • Yes - add me to the list of very happy Bolt users except for this one glitch which seems to be a Strava issue.


    John Parsons

  • Please Strava! Solve this problem!

  • same here !

  • Agree! This needs to be sorted. Real shame TBT it doesn’t currently work as really like the routing software in Strava for simplicity.

  • Seems like the strava TCX output just needs to put some <CoursePoint> entries in like below which would come after the </Track> tag.  Seems like Strava has all of the information for this. 

    <Notes>Start of route</Notes>
    <Name>Foothill E</Name>
    <Notes>Turn right onto Foothill Expressway, G5</Notes>
    <Name>Santa Cruz</Name>
    <Notes>Turn right onto Santa Cruz Avenue</Notes>
  • Really hope this will be added soon. Strava is much better than RideWithGPS for route creation due to the Use Popularity feature ensuring you aren't navigated "as the crow flies".

    Having exported TCX files from both sites I can see that the RideWithGPS TCX has an extra <CoursePoint> block at the end of the file which seems to contain all the cue sheet information used for turn-by-turn navigation.

    Given that Strava already generate cue sheet information when I create a route, I see no reason why they can't simply include this block in the TCX which would then sync to the Wahoo. At least make this available to premium users!

  • +100000 this is a huge omission for Elemnt Bolt users.

  • Please STRAVA add this! 

  • Please fix this turn-by-turn issue for the Bolt guys!

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