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Turn By Turn Notifications For Wahoo Bolt


Been reading up on the Wahoo Bolt GPS unit and it was mentioned that using the Strava route builder does not allow for the Wahoo Bolt to offer TBT directions, however, using alternative websites like RidewithGPS or Kamoot does. Will this ever be looked into?

I much prefer the simple Strava route builder interface, and this is something of importance to me. 



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  • Its so BS that they haven't fixed this yet.  Strava are going to start losing their premium customers to RWGPS if they haven't already.  Clearly, for me, when creating new routes in places I haven't ridden before, is using the heat map.  Now, I have the Web heat map on one screen, and the RWGPS route builder on the other.  If RWGPS comes out with some sort of heat map, I see no reason to keep Strava any longer.

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  • From the Wahoo site...  Such a load of crap...

    The Wahoo ELEMNT and ELEMNT BOLT can sync routes from RideWithGPSKomootBestBikeSplit, and Strava when authenticated with the ELEMNT Companion App.


    Note: Turn by Turn (TBT) directions are only available on RideWithGPS and Komoot on ELEMNT and BOLT, while ROAM supports TBT from most sources on firmware WR10-3527 and newer.

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  • This makes me think it’s coming from Wahoo and not strava. Probably to sell more of their new devices.

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  • i'd say the reason bolt doesn't support TBT with strava is its maps doesn't support road names/numbers but roam does so it can parse TBT from strava

    "ROAM: Fully routable mapset, complete with street/trail names (and elevation coming later in June). It can map/route on its own without any other service/platform

    BOLT/ELEMNT: Effectively just a penciled picture of map, no street names in the data, nor any routable data – it fully depends on the course turn/street name info from the file/course that you give it

    Think of the difference being with ROAM it legit knows all the streets you’re on. It actually knows that you’re on Maple street. Whereas with the BOLT/ELEMNT, it knows your GPS coordinates, and there happens to be a black line representing a street there. But it doesn’t know anything about that street – not even the name or which way the street really is. Instead, it ‘cheats’ by getting that information from your course file. Where that whole system breaks down (previously on BOLT/ELEMNT) is with Strava Routes, as you don’t get detailed turn by turn information with street names. It’s basically just a breadcrumb trail. Whereas when it was used with RideWithGPS, you got turn by turn street details because RideWithGPS included them in the message. In other words – Strava sent Wahoo an empty FedEx box, whereas the RideWithGPS’s box was full of toys. Ironically, just like real life."

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